Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Praise Jeebus!

Get down on your knees and pray.

I Almost Forgot ...

... Happy Hump Day!

Win a Top Chef Cookbook!

There will be no new episode of Top Chef tonight on Bravo (the Penn & Teller episode will be repeated - and a new episode will air next week). So to ease your T.C. withdrawal, our friends at All Top Chef are doing a little contest. The prize? Your very own copy of the Top Chef Cookbook!

Go HERE to find out how to enter the contest.

This Is Dedicated To My Idiot Racist Commenter...

Gay Fashion WIN

I love my people. Who else but one of my glittery gay sisters would accessorize with a military officers cap AND a pink feather boa. In the same outfit. Biatch betta WORK...

Hate Mail

Yesterday I did a post about racist buttmunch Glenn Beck - and did I ever get a doozy of a comment! Normally I would just hit "reject" and move on, but this comment was so EPIC in its racism, hatred, paranoia and stupidity - that I just had to share it with all of you.

I warn you: this inbred idiot throws around the N-word quite a bit (which I've modified because I WILL NOT have that vile word on this blog). I've also modified other curse words because I'm classy like that...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Do H8ters Make Glenn Beck Cry?":

David, you really are terminally f*cked up! You and the rest of your idiot minions [Note from David - I have "minions"?!?] will be chanting the praise Obama songs as you are being led away to concentration camps for anyone of hundreds of reasons that are being buried in legislation right now.

Going to pay your mandatory health care premiums while they ration care because the doctors refuse to participate in the program? Now there is going to be jail time and a $25,000 fine.

I can tell you, I am not paying one f*cking dime of it. And I have already written that worthless n*gg*r and told him just that!

Why aren't you reporting on the Cap and Trade bill that is being introduced today and will be voted on before any Congressman can even read it. Not that they would understand a word, but it would be a nice gesture.

When you can't afford to drive a car, turn on your utilities and you are taxed to death by hidden taxes, especially the VAT tax, in everything you consume are you still going to suck that n*gg*r's dick and chant his praises?

Oh yes, you love jailbait and n*gg*rs. Maybe you can get a government job of some sort or go to work for a union where they will pay less than the administrative costs of the healthcare policy.

You and the the rest of the gay bloggers need to be institutionalized for terminal stupidity. The information is right in front of you and none of you can comprehend its meaning or its effects, short or long term.

Why don't you move to Lybia? After all, the n*gg*r is shipping millions of our tax dollars to them right now, or didn't you know that? Do you even f*cking care?

Why don't you report on Obama's taxpayer all expense paid trip on Air Force One to Norway for the thug Chicago politicians, his staff and half his cabinet to promote the Olympics for n*gg*r ridden Chicago? Where the f*ck is there land in Chicago for such a massive project? Oh yes, urban renewal, so we can pay hundreds of billions for high rise housing for n*gg*rs to destroy just like they have every other HUD project in the USA. That will give more taxpayer money to the implosion companies so they can be destroyed and rebuilt with more taxpayer dollars.

Yes, Obama plays in Europe while all of the problems here in the USA are sinking this country and servicemen are in harms way. He can't even make a phone call to the commander in Afghanistan.

What a f*cking loser - both of you!

Yeah, the hate coming from the Right Wing has NOTHING to do with racism. Gross. As a result, I am now thinking of moving to "Lybia".

After doing some extensive internet research, I was actually able to find a picture of this guy. Turns out he's a typical Glenn Beck viewer...

Hot Papi of the Day - David Pacheco by Lee Studios NYC

David Pacheco, 27, is a Venezuelan fitness model living in NYC.

Photo credit: LeeStudiosNYC. For more beautiful photos of gorgeous models like David, please check out the Lee Studio blog HERE.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nice Jewish Boy

... and nice to look at.

The Electric Company

I wasn't feeling too great today (my stomach has a bad case of the gurgles) - so I left work early. I promptly came home, plopped down on the couch, and turned on the television for an afternoon of vegging.

Daytime TV is a rare treat for me - since I am usually at work - so I spent the afternoon watching stuff I don't normally get to see. And I was really surprised to see The Electric Company - a show from my childhood - still airs on PBS. But I was bummed that the show is completely up-to-date and has long-since dropped the intro I remember from the 70's ...

Groovy, man. Groovy...


Do H8ters Make Glenn Beck Cry?

The Republican mayor of Mount Vernon, Washington - presented the Key to the City to native son Glenn Beck on Saturday and proclaimed it "Glenn Beck Day".

However, not all the residents in this city of 26,000 were happy to honor the notorious racist...

When I first read about this on Wonder Man's BLOG, I thought he was talking about Mount Vernon, NEW YORK! Oh HELL TO THE NAW! ... they would not be having that mess up in "Money-Earnin' Mt. Vernon"!!!

Hottie of the Day - Alan Escobar

At the request of Alan Escobar, all images have been removed. For more Hotties, Popular Culture and Random Stuff - go to the DavidDust main page HERE.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Bunnies With iPhones

Many of us have seen guys on hookup sites who take pictures of themselves in the mirror using their iPhones. There are entire websites devoted to the phenomenon.

Blogger (and talented artist) David Gilmore loves Bunnies, so he has come up with "Bunnies With iPhones". After all, why should dudes have all the fun?

For more information, go HERE. Also, Gilmore is a BIG "Real Housewives" fan and has drawn most of them, including Kim from Atlanta...

Check out his blog, Pretty On The Outside - it's always a lot of fun.

White Meat Monday - The Meat Locker

Only USDA-certified "Prime" beef here in the Meat Locker. Which one shall I reserve for YOU?...

NYC Celebrity Sighting - Kiefer Sutherland

OMG - I just passed Kiefer Sutherland on the street! As I was walking toward my restaurant a few minutes ago, I saw a man get out of a cab and pause for a moment in front of my job. As I got a little closer I noticed it was Kiefer Sutherland, and he had stopped so a delivery man could take a cell phone picture of him. Jack Bauer was dressed in jeans and a plain white t-shirt, cigarette dangling from his mouth, and he was smiling from ear-to-ear. Then he went on his merry way, right past me - still grinning.

I have to say this ... Jack Bauer is shorter in person than I thought. Although he may not be tall, here are some "true facts" you may not know about Jack Bauer...

Jack Bauer once forgot where he put his keys. He then spent the next half-hour torturing himself until he gave up the location of the keys.

Jack Bauer sleeps with a gun under the pillow. But he could kill you with the pillow.

Jack and Jill went up the hill. Only Jack came down. Jill was a f*cking terrorist.

For more True Facts About Jack Bauer, go HERE.

Historically Funny

Did I ever mention that I minored in History at Penn State? Well, I did. I have it on my résumé right below "Winner, Watermelon-Eating Contest" (AKA "my proudest moment").

Celebrity White Meat - Recent Pictures

Bravo TV's Andy Cohen

Jason Mraz

The Gay Bashing Across the Street

According to Towleroad, three gay friends were attacked on Friday night outside of McCoys - a Hell's Kitchen (straight) bar that happens to be across the street from my apartment.

Radio DJ Blake Hayes recounted the experience on his blog:

"Walking down this usual block, a friend turned when a lit cigarette butt was thrown at him. 'Keep moving, faggot.' We all stopped, shocked to hear these words in what is normally such an accepting, gay-friendly neighborhood, in New York, such an open-minded city. We exchanged words, more and more heated, until he started to approach us, threatening violence. Before we knew it, he had thrown one friend against a car, denting it. The other took two punches to the face, cutting his lip before the bouncer at McCoy's came out and stopped him. We called the police. They arrived -- 5 cops or so, from at least 2 cars. They talked to the guy who assaulted us. They asked us what happened. We recounted the story. The cops -- the NYPD -- did NOTHING. They wouldn't even take the guy's information so we could file a claim later, or even run the plates of the car whose body was dented from him throwing my friend into it. 'They're NJ plates, we can't do anything.'"

This is pretty scary, considering I walk past McCoys every single day.
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