Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blinded By The Light



Built ...

... to get the job done.




Monday, May 30th, 2011 - Sunset - 42nd Street

From The Daily What:
Natural Occurrence of the Day: The semiannual solar phenomenon known as “Manhattanhenge” — wherein the sunset aligns with the east-west street grid of Midtown Manhattan — took place yesterday at precisely 8:17 PM.

Someone Call Kevin Bacon

Apparently it's illegal to kick off your Sunday shoes and cut footlose at the Jefferson Memorial.

Another Reason To Hate Urban Outfitters

Somebody alert Miley Cyrus! Did you know that Urban Outfitters sells hipster Ramen noodles (with edgy, ironic instructions!) for $5.00 a pack?? Yep, the same Ramen you can get for 25 cents (or less) at the grocery store will cost you 5 bucks (ON SALE for $2.99!) at Urban Outfitters.


Satan's Powder Room

Tomorrow is the 1st of the month, and I'm happy to report that we have a new roommate! But it certainly wasn't easy to find her. 

One of the biggest challenges we had in locating a new cohabitator was the fact that the available room was disgusting. The guy who moved out - let's call him "Jim" - was/is a really nice guy, but calling him a "slob" would be giving him too much credit. I'd call him a "disgusting pig", but I like ham too much to insult pigs like that. Bottom line - Jim is a GROSS DISGUSTING PIG SLOB.

Jim had lived in that room for a year and hadn't cleaned it once - not even a little bit. The private bathroom, which is the room's big selling point, made most Gas Station restrooms look spotless. The sink was completely clogged, the only light was provided by one chandelier bulb salvaged from elsewhere (Jim was too lazy to go buy normal bulbs) and the small space was one of the most disgusting places I'd ever set foot in.

Picture taken AFTER sink and toilet had been wiped down

Just to prove to you how disgusting this guy was/is - Jim AND his girlfriend used this bathroom daily, including-but-not-limited-to brushing their teeth in the clogged sink.

Anywhore, after showing the room/bathroom "as is" to one poor girl (I don't think she'll ever be able to stop the nightmares), I decided to tackle the impossible task of cleaning Satan's Powder Room. But due to my busy schedule this had to happen in 45 minutes one night after work - before a series of people were scheduled to look at the place. But in less than an hour I managed to turn this ...

Into THIS...

All it took was four (count 'em - FOUR!) jugs of Draino, lots and lots of bleach, some crap from the Dollar Store and some leftover red stuff from my Hell's Kitchen bathroom et Voila!, a sanitized and gayed-up baƱo fit for a new Roomie.

And it worked like a charm.

Good Night

It's back to work tomorrow ... ugh.


Monday, May 30, 2011

White Meat Monday ...

... The END.



"...And Your Momma Dresses You Funny!"...


Voted "Most Popular" and "Best Bunkmate"

... but I can't figure out why.

Fleet Week - White Meat Monday Edition

Fleet Week continues here in New York City until Wednesday.

"A good Navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guarantee of peace."

... Pres. Theodore Roosevelt


Afternoon Dance Break - Love and Happiness

Back in the early 90's, I had the pleasure of seeing La India perform this track (as well as some others) live at the old Tunnel nightclub.

The Canadian Army ...

... Defending Seagram's, Crown Royal, Molson and Labatt's since 1931.


Today's Lunch



Just A Reminder ...


Happy Memorial Day!

Me too.


Good Morning

Happy Monday!


Good Night

No work tomorrow for most people in the U.S. (including me). Thank Jeebus!!


Featured Model - Mike Keute

Mike Keute (yes, that's his name) is 22 years old and lives in New York City. In addition to being extremely Keute cute, Mike is also very busy - he models, goes to law school, works as a personal trainer AND runs a Model Mentoring program.


It's White Meat Monday!

Beware of HONGRAY (and vengeful) Bears...


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going To A Go-Go



Watch Your Back When I'm Around

Yesterday, while running some errands in my neighborhood, I couldn't help but do some PAPIveillance. Unfortunately I couldn't get any shots of their gorgeous faces - just their gorgeous posteriors.

First was the Brazilian guy at the Check Cashing place (top, and below). And YES, I'm ghetto and forced to use the Check Cashing place because of my epically bad financial history. Anywhore - this guy was SOOOOO cute, and had the most adorable accent:

After leaving Mr. Brazil, I spotted two gay Papis (they seemed like a couple) on the street - who were both tall, dark and extremely handsome. And as you can see, the one on the right had a body that wouldn't quit. You should have seen my fat ass trying to keep up with them while snapping undercover cell phone pics. It was all kinds of COVERT and shizz...

Gotta run - the CIA is on the phone. They want me to teach a training class this summer...


Sunday Religion

I wonder if his sausage tastes any good??


Little Monsters Invade Central Park

Lady Gaga kicked off the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series on Friday with a performance in Central Park. And as we all know, where Mama Monster goes - the Little Monsters will follow.

Source: Gothamist

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