Friday, May 27, 2011

Texts (with Pics) From Mama Bunny

Mama Bunny was in NYC last week, and during her short stay she visited the breathtaking Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. And after her little field trip to the Cathedral, Mom texted me the following (along with the above picture) - knowing that I'm a big Keith Haring fan:

I looked it up on The Google, and this triptych was indeed Haring's last sculptural piece - completed just two weeks before he died in 1990. Here is another picture I found online:




the dogs' mother said...

That's amazing! And surprising as I never think of churches as being all that forward thinking.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Did you REALLY chekc Mama Bunny's facts?!!! Did you think your own Mama would LIE to you?!!!


Joy said...

Love your relationship with your mother! That piece is beautiful.

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