Friday, August 31, 2007

Daddy Of The Day - Robinson Cano

Today's "Daddy of the Day" is Robinson Cano - the Second Baseman for the New York Yankees. He's 24 years old and originally from the Dominican Republic. His parents named him after baseball legend Jackie Robinson. Yesterday he hit 2 home runs, and helped beat the hated Boston Red Sox. And, as you can see, he is cute as hell!!!

I really LOVE baseball - which is weird considering I didn't play any sports growing up (I was the typical "sissy" kid who HATED gym class). My younger brother Dan was the athlete of the family - he played baseball, soccer, and swam. Meanwhile, I did NOTHING. These days Dan is obsessed with football (one of the only sports he didn't play in school) and I can watch baseball until I'm blue in the face. I'm not obsessed with statistics like some people - I think I'm more interested in the gorgeous men.

The other weird thing about my baseball fetish is that I root for BOTH the NY Yankees and the NY Mets - most people like one and hate the other.

Robinson Cano is also very good friends with fellow Dominican, and teammate, Melky Cabrera. More on Melky on a later date...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

40 And Counting...

So it happened - I turned 40 years old on Sunday.

I got on the Amtrak train to Harrisburg, PA on Friday morning - and by Friday afternoon I was doing my laundry at Dad's house in Carlisle.

Friday night I went to Mom's house in Camp Hill for Chicken Enchiladas (my favorite!). My brother Dan and "sister-in-law" Becky (they're not married, but have been together for years) came, and brought my nephew Alex, and my niece Debbie. Debbie is actually Becky's sister's daughter - but she calls me "Uncle David" - and she treats my Mom and Stepdad like grandparents - so from now on I'm considering her my niece.

Debbie is 5 years old and FIERCE. When I first met her (1 1/2 years ago), she was going through a "Wizard of Oz" phase and would only wear ruby red slippers. Also, she was ONLY to be referred to as "Dorothy Gale". Of course she immediately took a liking to her Gay Uncle David. It was then that I realized this poor girl is destined to be a HUGE Fag Hag - and will probably spend an inordinate amount of her 20's and 30's in gay bars. I thought about warning her, but I'll let her work it all out on her own. I can't wait to have a drink with her at Stallions in Harrisburg in 16 years!!!

Saturday night I went out with my bestest girlfriend Vera, and our friend Nancy. We went to Stallions - and I even danced (I was DRUNK!). I hadn't danced in years. I think I had a good time - but I was way too wasted to remember.

I crashed at Vera's and got up the next morning and hung out with Mom at a flea market. Then on Sunday night we had dinner at "The Deer Lodge" - a decent restaurant in Mount Holly, PA (where Dan and Becky live). The crabcakes were delish!!!!

Then on Monday it was all over and back to NYC! I feel SO old.......

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I did NOT order any GRANUITY!

Years ago I worked at "Motown Cafe" here in NYC - a Motown music "theme" restaurant (like Hard Rock Cafe with the "Motown Sound" instead of rock music). It was a great space, but a REALLY horrible place to work - the management/owners were racist incompetent assholes - and some of the clientel were, how can I state this gently, a little on the "uneducated" side.

For all groups over 5 people, the restaurant would automatically charge a 15% gratuity on the check, so the waiters didn't get stiffed (before this policy, one waitress even got tipped with a food stamp!). So at the bottom of the check, there would be an item that stated:

"Gratuity - 15%".........and then the dollar amount.

After the server had dropped the check for a particularly NON-upscale table, he was called back to the table by the "leader" of the party. She stated:

"My bill is wrong! We did NOT order any 'GRANUITY' - and we DEFINITELY didn't order 15 of 'em!!!!!!!"

She had to be told "gratuity" (not graNuity) meant "tip", and it was automatic.

Daddy Of The Day - DieselHotLat

I am a complete sucker for a Latino man with big arms - and here is the man of my dreams. If anyone is looking to get me something for my 40th birthday, this is it:

I will be posting more pictures of him in the future.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just a Few More Days...

Sunday is the big day - my 40th birthday. And trust me, I'm NOT happy about it. I'll be spending the weekend back home in Carlisle, PA - hanging out with the family. On Friday my Mother is cooking my favorite (Chicken Enchiladas - my Grandmother's recipe - which I ALSO make, btw), Saturday I'll probably go to the gay bars in Harrisburg (Strawberry, Neptune, and Stallions - AKA "The Cha-Cha Palace"), and Sunday (my actual birthday) we'll all probably go out to dinner somewhere.

So much for the diet. I have been trying to do the no carb thing again (I originally lost 90 lbs - but gained it all back eventually) but I've kind of given up since it's birthday time. I always use "holidays" as a convenient excuse to break my diet. I'm hopeless!

Is this thing on?

This is my first post. I hope this shit works.
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