Thursday, June 30, 2011

On The Streets Of NYC

These pictures of random guys - shot by a photographer on the streets of NYC - should explain why walking around the city is the ONLY form of exercise that I don't absolutely despise.

All pictures obtained via tumblr


Dimples and Denim



RPatz Suddenly Becomes Attractive

Sparkly vamp Robert Pattinson just never did it for me - too white, too skinny, too ... sparkly. But I must admit to getting a little tingle "down there" after seeing this picture of RPatz covered in pie.

Mmmmmmm ... looks creamy.


That's A Lot Of Ribbons



My Project Runway Quandry

Project Runway Gives Tim Gunn a Headache

Dearest BunnyNation – I need your advice.

Some of you may recall that on October 29, 2010 I vowed NEVER to mention Project Runway on this blog again. This was prompted by the ending of yet another disastrous Lifetime season of this once great show – manufactured by the despicable production team of Bunim-Murray. Gretchen Whatshername, you might remember, ended up beating the fabulous and inspiring Mondo Guerra. And she won by sending granny panties down the runway…

And no, I’m still not over it.

But, just as in seasons past, the bitter taste of Project Runway Season 8 has faded with time. And in 28 days the show will return for Season 9.

Here’s my quandary. As I’ve said before, I really want/need to get back to doing recaps. Project Runway was the first show I ever recapped – and those recaps were the first thing on my blog to get noticed/acknowledged by the rest of the blogosphere. Project Runway, literally, put DavidDust on the map - and it's the reason many of you found me.

So ... should I bite my tongue, go back on my promise and recap this season anyway?? I don’t care so much about the vow never to mention the show again – in fact, I’m breaking that vow right now (with this post). And, let’s face it, I vow every day not to stuff my face full of fast food and carbs – and promptly break THAT sucker every day at about 12:30 pm. So the whole “vow” thing isn’t that big of a deal (NOTE TO SELF: Don't ever get gaymarried).

I just hate the fact that this season will undoubtedly be another stinker – and Bunim-Murray will screw it up, as they have every season since the show moved to Lifetime. I’m feeling a little bit like one of those sad Babymamas on Maury – no matter how badly she/I/we get treated by the NO GOOD BABYDADDY (AKA Lifetime), we keep coming back for more. And each time she/I/we return, we convince ourselves that this time it will be different.

It won't be different this time, but I want to do the right thing by my DustBunnies. Should I recap this damned trainwreck ... or not?


They Demand Bread

“One year, in hopes of losing weight, I gave up bread. I waved it off at restaurants, didn’t buy it. I ordered my burgers and egg salad like an old man: on a plate of lettuce, with a pickle, maybe. I lost weight, but it wasn’t worth it. You give up bread and you figure you’ll miss toast, or the crust of a baguette, or pumpernickle seeds. But what you miss is Sun-warm tomatoes between bread. Blood-red slices of roast beef. Paper-thin layers of white onions. Marmalade. The knife-curl of peanut butter. The weight of a tuna salad. None of these works particularly on its own on a plate. They demand bread.”

... Tom Chiarella, Esquire


Like A Runaway Freight Train

Source: The Slab


Yesterday I Had A ...

... day that rhymes with "sad" and "mad" and "knee pad".

Good Night


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

"It's 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses ... HIT IT!!!"

... Blues Brothers


Wild Pitch

HAWT Cirque du Soleil performer Gabryel Nogueira da Silva delivers one of the most fabulous first pitches in the history of baseball at Monday's game between the Padres and Royals at Petco Park. And did I mention that he's HAWT??

Howdy Pardner



Spatchulas, Cheese Greaters, Etc.

Taken by Mama Bunny at her local grocery store.


Arise, Sir Loin of Beef

Bugs Bunny: In the name of my most royal Majesty, I knight thee. 
Bugs Bunny: [Conks the Sheriff on the head with his scepter] Arise, Sir Loin of Beef. 
Bugs Bunny: [Conks him again] Arise, Earl of Cloves. 
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Arise, Duke of Brittingham. 
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Arise, Baron of Munchausen. 
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Arise, Essence of Myrrh... 
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Milk of Magnesia... 
Bugs Bunny: [Conk] Quarter of Ten. 
Sheriff of Nottingham: [extremely dazed] You are too kind, Your Majesty. 
Bugs Bunny: [aside to audience] Got lots of stamina! 

Yesterday I Had A ...

... GOOD DAY! Finally!!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Pain - No Gain

"I love being surrounded by dumb bells"

"I'm in no shape to exercise"

"Winners find a way, losers find an excuse" [DD: This puts me firmly in the 'loser' category]


The Results Are In ...

Week #1 of the Good Days Not-So-Fluffy Bunny Healthy Living Project (seriously people – can ANYONE come up with a better name?) is in the books, and overall the results were pretty impressive. Here’s how everyone did (Note: The first number is the number of “Good Days” each person had):

Miss Alaineous
7/7 (GREAT JOB!)
Little Karnak
Uncy Carl
Tivo Mom
David Dust

As stated before – everyone has his/her own criteria for what consists of a Good Day and/or Bad Day. So there are no winners/losers on this list and the rankings should not be taken as such. We are only competing with ourselves. 

To the Bunnies who reported (above) - feel free to elaborate in the comments section about how your week went. Also, if you forgot to email me with your results for Week #1, please tell us your tally in the Comments. 

Overall – you Bunnies were pretty damn impressive. Me?? … Not so much. 

I should never EVER underestimate my ability to sabotage myself. The week prior to Week #1 I was kicking bunnybutt – eating healthy, exercising, and losing 8 lbs. When Week #1 officially started, I rested on my butt laurels from the week prior and kept telling myself that TOMORROW would be a Good Day. Needless to say, I only ended up with two of those tomorrows. I ‘competed with myself’ – and LOST

So it got me to thinking (which is never good) … what if I posted MY results daily? I tried to talk myself out of this last night because I’m horrified of looking like a fat idiot with no self control (If the shoe fits…) – but it will hold me much more accountable. And maybe it will motivate some/all of us to do better. 

So every morning I’ll post my results from the previous day (oh JEEBUS, I’m going to regret this). It’ll probably just be a quick blurb – but occasionally I may elaborate, especially if I get back to kicking bunnybutt again. 

Yesterday’s results: BAD DAY. Blame Wendy’s – not me, of course. Oy.

It's No Surprise Who/What Wins...


Wonderfully Bizarre/Creepy/Intriguing: Internet K-Hole

Recently I came across Internet K-Hole - a bizarre/awesome photoblog featuring random pics - most of which seem to come from the 70's and 80's and NONE of which have captions. I'd try to explain further, but the site is completely without explanation.

All the pics from this post were snagged from the latest post over at IK-H. The picture at the top intrigued me because Mt. Holly, PA is the one-horse town "up the road" from the two-horse town I was born and raised in. In fact, it's where my Sister-In-Law grew up (I wonder if she knows any "Fenton's"??). The pic below caught my eye because ... duh ... 80's BOY GEORGE (!!). There are just SO MANY pictures that you're bound to find something that personally intrigues you.

Seriously, take a look at Internet K-Hole - and if you can figure WTF is going on, please share it with the rest of the class. NOTE: Internet K-Hole contains some pics your boss might want to discuss at your next Performance Evaluation - so maybe you should wait to get home before diving in.


Sweet dreams...


Monday, June 27, 2011

Pretty In Plaid


1. Checkered or tartan twilled cloth, typically made of wool.
2. Any cloth with a tartan pattern.


More Useful Than A Desk Lamp ...

... and prettier, too.


Let's Get Physical, Physical ...

... I wanna get Physicaaaal.


Ben Cohen Eyes Up The Hot Coverboy ...

... which just so happens to be Ben Cohen.






Absolument, Monsieur!


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