Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Project Runway Quandry

Project Runway Gives Tim Gunn a Headache

Dearest BunnyNation – I need your advice.

Some of you may recall that on October 29, 2010 I vowed NEVER to mention Project Runway on this blog again. This was prompted by the ending of yet another disastrous Lifetime season of this once great show – manufactured by the despicable production team of Bunim-Murray. Gretchen Whatshername, you might remember, ended up beating the fabulous and inspiring Mondo Guerra. And she won by sending granny panties down the runway…

And no, I’m still not over it.

But, just as in seasons past, the bitter taste of Project Runway Season 8 has faded with time. And in 28 days the show will return for Season 9.

Here’s my quandary. As I’ve said before, I really want/need to get back to doing recaps. Project Runway was the first show I ever recapped – and those recaps were the first thing on my blog to get noticed/acknowledged by the rest of the blogosphere. Project Runway, literally, put DavidDust on the map - and it's the reason many of you found me.

So ... should I bite my tongue, go back on my promise and recap this season anyway?? I don’t care so much about the vow never to mention the show again – in fact, I’m breaking that vow right now (with this post). And, let’s face it, I vow every day not to stuff my face full of fast food and carbs – and promptly break THAT sucker every day at about 12:30 pm. So the whole “vow” thing isn’t that big of a deal (NOTE TO SELF: Don't ever get gaymarried).

I just hate the fact that this season will undoubtedly be another stinker – and Bunim-Murray will screw it up, as they have every season since the show moved to Lifetime. I’m feeling a little bit like one of those sad Babymamas on Maury – no matter how badly she/I/we get treated by the NO GOOD BABYDADDY (AKA Lifetime), we keep coming back for more. And each time she/I/we return, we convince ourselves that this time it will be different.

It won't be different this time, but I want to do the right thing by my DustBunnies. Should I recap this damned trainwreck ... or not?



froggy said...

Underneath that pile of poop is a rainbow! And the pony is a unicorn! And if we clap long enough we can bring Tinkerbell back to life!

Can you tell hope springs ever eternal with Daughter, ER.Backup.daughter#2 and me??

Even if the season stinks and they send chubby women in those full body shapers down the runway we will, at least, get our Tim Fix. We must have our Tim Fix.

And we must have our David Fix. Punish them with extreme snarkiness if they stray into criminally bad fashion!

(Can you tell I am going absolutely stir crazy and it is only Day Three of the Renovation, the Early Years...)

Kailyn said...

As much as I love your recaps, I just don't think that anyone should have to suffer watching that trainwreck anymore. And you know it's bad when a reality TV whore like me is saying stay away.

Bob said...

I vote Yes.


Bittybis said...

I'm through with the show. I quit halfway through last season. I don't think this production team can make it good even if they cast first rate characters, I mean "designers." They just don't know how to tell a good story. A snarky blog about a guilty pleasure is fun, but a snarky blog about a sad mess is just sad.

Tbone said...

Well I think you know my opinion on this. Recapalooza without a David Dust link just makes me sad.

It's time for the walkout to end. The Dust Bunnies and the vast universe of Project Runway groupies will demand nothing less!

If nothing else, do it for those 20 sad designers that have subjected themselves to all of this. A mention from DD is something for their future resumes!

Tom A. said...

yes please recap!!!

Jennie said...

I know last season was a stink bomb, BUT bitching about it was SO. MUCH. FUN! Recap and spank their sad, crappy-show-having asses! Those sad Maury Babymamas would be a lot happier of they smacked the deadbeat around a little. Besides, we can hate on whoever the new "Wretchen" turns out to be!

MCWolfe said...

I hate to admit it but I'd love it if you recapped. I'm backsliding too. I'm with @froggy, there's always Tim, who is the best part of the show. Whatever you decide, though, I support you.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

i am all for snarky recaps- especially if they are better than the show. david, you have a gift and you can't deny the world any longer.

ps. there's degrees of acceptable going against the 'never' clause. blogging after saying 'never again is a whole different animal then say lindsay lohan saying she's never going to do drugs again.


Joy said...

I know what you mean. I, too, am conflicted but want to see Tim again. I love your recaps but don't want you to suffer. So I vote a hesitant but hopeful yes.

Vera said...

The fact that the show is bad makes your recaps even better. I'm not going to tell you what to do, but your Project Runaway recaps make my world a better place.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Just do it.

Lelio said...

Your recaps have always been one of my favorite parts of Project Runway season (and I'm pretty sure they're how I found your blog in the first place) but I, like you, am hesitant to even watch the show again. The only reason I'm even considering watching it is because of my love for Tim Gunn, but I'm afraid even he's not going to be enough to keep me watching that shitfest.

You can always give it a shot and then if it doesn't seem worth it, just let it go. I don't think anyone wants you to do something you don't actually enjoy, and I'm sure they wouldn't hold it against you if you decided it just wasn't worth it to you. We love your recaps, but not if writing them makes you miserable!

Sean said...

I was writing my own PR post and wondered if you'd be doing the recaps or reviews again.

I vote for reviews - all the snark of what happened, what didn't happen and what should have happened. Oh and lots of pics.

mrpeenee said...

Darling, a dreadful show is an absolute gift to a writer. If the show is golden and all the designers are great, what can you say each week? "Wow. That sure was great. Again." Yawn.

It's the bombs that call out your genius. The most amusing reviews and recaps are pans, the dogs that demand the long knives. Dorothy Parker MUST have written something positive, but who remembers it?

So, yes, recap away, baby. And do so with a cackle.

mistress maddie said...

Honeychild, you do what you want. I gave up on the show three season ago. But it did help make your blog....... you could alway do a dronk version of the recap. Course you would have to be dronk while watching, maybe not a bad thing, and it may actually be funny!!! The show, not your recap, there always funny.



mikeinbama said...

Do the recap... It brings me so much JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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