Thursday, September 30, 2010

On The Next Top Chef: Just Desserts ...


Featured Model - Jossmer Narvaez

Jossmer Narvaez, 20, is from Hialeah, Florida and loves working out and staying in shape. He hopes to someday become a fitness model.

Hat tip to THIS awesome Tumblr, where I first saw Mr. Narvaez's pictures


Afternoon Dance Break - Joy

Staxx brings us some Joy this afternoon...


Last Night On Top Chef: Just Desserts

"It's Not Death - It's Only Cake"
... Sylvia Weinstock

Did anybody watch Top Chef: Just Desserts last night? I must admit - the producers have sucked me in with the all-crazy-all-the-time Seth. Here are some random thoughts about last night's episode:

  • Again, no boobies (see above). Gail Simmons + Covered-Up Boobies = David with the Sadz :(
  • Sylvia Weinstock (below) needs to be on every show, on every channel, in every time slot. Better yet, there should be a Sylvia Weinstock Network. Tagline: "Would it KILL YOU to tune in every once in awhile??"  She could be the Jewish grandmother us Gentiles never had.
  • What is up with Johnny "Blue Suede Shoes" Iuzzini?? (with the sideburns - see top photo). He is taking this 'Skinny Elvis' thing just a little too far.
  • Not only is Seth Caro (below) certifiably crazy, he also happens to be a dick. And not a nice big one - but one of those tiny limp ones that doesn't do anything except frustrate you. Seth makes Spike Mendelsohn and Dale Talde (from Season 4) look like Choir Boys.
  • Did you happen to catch Yigit in nothing but shorts at the very begining of the episode??? Oh YEEEAAAAHHH . Someone PLEASE send me a screen shot. The Minx, as usual, comes through in the clutch...

Are You Gonna Eat That? ...

Healthwise, things are going great for me and my viral load is now at "undetectable" levels. The lab STILL hasn't sent over my CD4/T-Cell counts - but they are expected to have improved exponentially from the 34 lonely T-Cells I had while in the hospital just 3 months ago (for background on this - go HERE).

Yet with all this good health, that old demon - my weight - has reared its ugly head again. I've been gaining these past few weeks, mainly because I seem to be hungry ALL the time. And soup and vegetables and salads just don't seem to cut it.

Furthermore, this hunger seems different than before. In the past I would eat when I was bored or depressed or happy or whatever. Now, I'm simply HONGRAY. I don't know if I'm just imagining it, but I don't ever remember having an appetite like this. And I've ALWAYS been a hungry little biatch.

I must do something soon, or I'll be back to wearing my REALLY fat clothes before too long.

Good Night ...

I hope everyone has a restful sleep and sweet dreams ...


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Shower

Hot water
Sometimes the warmth lulls me into a half-sleep

Standing in the puddle formed in the porcelain
In here I think about the future

Reflect on the past
And of course I sing
It doesn't matter what I sing
Just that I do

For a few minutes I am sealed off from the world
My tune is both personal and nonsense at once
But it is an expression of freedom

I know exactly where I am
I know exactly where I wish I was
When I step out from behind the curtain
The cold air will jolt me back to the here and now

And the safety of this haze will be gone
But I will feel completely alive
Ready to plot my next move

And oh yeah... a little cleaner

Poem Source


I STALKED this guy on 6th Avenue for a good 10 minutes after work tonight, but I just couldn't get him to turn around and face my cameraphone.

Pretty As A Picture

Star Wars Movies To Be Released In 3-D!

OMGOMGOMGOMG!! Yes, the Star Wars nerd in me just peed myself a little while reading that all six Star Wars movies are coming out in 3-D!. According to THR, The Phantom Menace will hit theaters in 2012, with the other five films to be released (in order) each consecutive year.

Which means I'll be 48 years old when Star Wars: A New Hope is released.  Oy - I hope my brittle old bones will be able to make it to the popcorn counter.

Plant Of The Apes - FOREALZ

There will be 100,000 human security personnel deployed during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Dehli - as well as 38 monkey security guards.

The multi-sport games between the nations of the old British Empire begin Sunday in New Dehli, India - which, apparently, has a bit of a wild monkey problem. In fact, a Deputy Mayor was killed during a monkey attack in 2007. So security officials have hired 38 Langurs (above) - apparently the schoolyard bullies of the monkey community - to scare away the wild hoards of smaller monkeys during the Games.

They SHOULD have hired Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp ...


Let's Vote On It!


Facebook Status Update of the Century

Featured Model - DeCoyeia

DeCoyeia, 22, is an "an actor / model / martial artist / writer / philosopher" - and student.


Happy Hump Day!

I hope your Wednesday is filled with humpiness!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Cross

The Cross
'I wear a cross of bronze,' he said,
'and men have told me I was brave.'
He turned his head,
And pointing to a grave,
'they told me that my work of war was done.'
His fierce mouth set.
'and yet, and yet…..'
he trembled where he stood,
'and yet, and yet'…..
I have not won
That broken cross of wood.

Poem Source

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