Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Night On Top Chef: Just Desserts

"It's Not Death - It's Only Cake"
... Sylvia Weinstock

Did anybody watch Top Chef: Just Desserts last night? I must admit - the producers have sucked me in with the all-crazy-all-the-time Seth. Here are some random thoughts about last night's episode:

  • Again, no boobies (see above). Gail Simmons + Covered-Up Boobies = David with the Sadz :(
  • Sylvia Weinstock (below) needs to be on every show, on every channel, in every time slot. Better yet, there should be a Sylvia Weinstock Network. Tagline: "Would it KILL YOU to tune in every once in awhile??"  She could be the Jewish grandmother us Gentiles never had.
  • What is up with Johnny "Blue Suede Shoes" Iuzzini?? (with the sideburns - see top photo). He is taking this 'Skinny Elvis' thing just a little too far.
  • Not only is Seth Caro (below) certifiably crazy, he also happens to be a dick. And not a nice big one - but one of those tiny limp ones that doesn't do anything except frustrate you. Seth makes Spike Mendelsohn and Dale Talde (from Season 4) look like Choir Boys.
  • Did you happen to catch Yigit in nothing but shorts at the very begining of the episode??? Oh YEEEAAAAHHH . Someone PLEASE send me a screen shot. The Minx, as usual, comes through in the clutch...


froggy said...

Daughter and I ran the show back to make sure that was really Yigit in the boxers, you know, for accuracy's sake and all.

Gail just isn't living up to her contract. I know it says the girls need equal screen time.

We loves Sylvia Weinstock. Loves, loves, loves. We need a Jewish grandmother.

I expect you can visit Seth at San Quentin, call ahead for visiting hours.

David Dust said...

Oh, I forgot to add - Sylvia Weinstock IS legendary (at least in NYC). Even knew about her - and, let's face it, I haven't exactly been looking for a Wedding Cake recently.

If you get married in NYC, you buy your gown at Kleinfeld's (which used to be in Brooklyn), and you get your cake from Sylvia Weinstock.

mike said...

I was saying last night that this show is awesome!
So much better than TC Masters - everyone there is too civil.
Seth is CRAZY! Morgan too!
And I know Yigit. He lives in SF and is a total sweetheart. He comes off as level headed one in the group.
I love Asian Heather and Erica!!!
Sylvia is a great judge. Short sweet and to the point!!

Dave said...

I'm really enjoying the show so far! Yigit (drools)...

Bob said...

I wanna take Sylvia Weinstock and slip her in my pocket and carry her around with me all day.
Seth is nuts, but Morgan --"Hey Shakey" --is a dick.
I'm kinda tingly about Johnny. At first he rubbed the wrong way and, well, he's rubbin' me the right way!
And Yigit is Pia Z'adorable!


Joy said...

I've been missing this but will catch up.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I would TOTALLY watch the Sylvia Weinstock network- SWTV!! She is adorable!

And even though Idgit is adorable, I think Morgan is a sweetie pie as well! That other bitch was shakin' the table, for gawd's sake! How the hell is anyone supposed to ice a cake on a shaky ass table!

Blue Suede Shoes is cute in a jackass sort of way that makes me feel like I need to shower and douche for admitting it!

just sayin.....

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