Thursday, September 23, 2010

Texas Board Doesn't Want Kids Learning About The Muslins

The untrawingnutty Texas Board of Education is at it again - attempting to push their conservative agenda via the textbooks students use. And since Texas is the second largest purchaser of textbooks, publishers are usually happy to oblige.

This time they don't want students learning that Muslins are anything other than dirty terrorists. From Gawker:
The Texas Board of Education will vote tomorrow on a resolution decrying the "gross pro-Islamic, anti-Christian distortions in social studies texts." Of course, the books in question haven't been used since 2003, but no matter.
Don't mess with Texas!


froggy said...

Because a Ponder child, very dyslexic, couldn't read well in 6th grade, I turned the Ancient Civilizations book into a comic book. It was from that book that I learned more about the Muslim faith than I ever knew before. The year was 2001. It was very favorable and very interesting. Every civilization was treated with respect. All the Ponder children were taught from that text. They are all rational and balanced. :-)

Will said...

"Conservative" is a bit vague to describe the Texas board's mentality. Let's identify them for what they really are and use the correct term: hateful xenophobic racists.

And they're blatantly un-American.

Bob said...

I'd be happy if we stopped learning about the asshats in Texas.

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