Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Using Both Hands

Now this is my kind of man! Back in the day we called this "two-fisted drinking" - not that I ever did it MYSELF mind you.  But, let's face it, you have two hands - might as well use them both to hold cocktails.  Especially when you are extremely thirsty and the drinks are tiny.

Really, one should think of this as "overachieving" or "multi-tasking" while at the bar.  As Martha would say ... "It's a good thing!".

Two Words: HOT MESS

No, I take that back. Just one word: MESS. And if you don't know what this picture is, consider yourself extremely lucky.  

On The Streets of NYC

I took a "SIRveillance" picture of this stacked gentleman on 6th Avenue (that's "Avenue of the Americas" to you tourists) just a little while ago.  But THIS is the reason why I noticed him in the first place...

Money shot!  In the heat and humidity of NYC, his shorts were clinging to his booty like me holding onto an Arby's Roast Beef sandwich.

And, like Arby's Roast Beef - he looked just as delicious.

Afternoon Dance Break - Nasty Girl by Inaya Day

I loved the original version of Nasty Girl by Vanity 6 (below) - but this update by Inaya Day makes me want to shake what my Momma gave me!

I recently discovered Pandora Radio - the website where you create your own "radio station" by listing any artist you like.  Pandora then selects and plays music similar to the artist you chose.  I did a "Junior Vasquez" channel, and the resulting dance/house music Pandora plays (including the Inaya Day version Nasty Girl - below) has been phenomenal.  I also downloaded the Pandora app on my Droid phone - which is what I listen to while walking through NYC.

Troy Polamalu's 'Do Insured for $1 Million

Pittsburgh Steeler, Samoan heartthrob, former Daddy of the Day, and Head and Shoulders spokesman Troy Polamalu just got his gorgeous hair insured for a cool $1 Million.  Head and Shoulders took out the Lloyds of London policy on Polamalu's hair (which he hasn't cut in 7 years) in order to protect their investment in his luscious locks.  What I wouldn't give to run my fingers through it...

Excuse me, but I think I'm having a bit of a Samoan "moment" (involving a moonlit beach, cocktails with umbrellas, and Troy wearing nothing but his hair)... Yeah Daddy, that's right, go ahead and 'Rough the Passer'...

Sorry, I'm back now. Anywhore, this last picture (below, from Head and Shoulders) absolutely cracks me up.  Excuse me, but the drag queen contestants from the Miss Black Continental Pageant called, and they would ALL like their extensions back...

Head and Shoulders even has a website dedicated to Troy's gorgeous mane - called TroysHair.com.

Checking Out "Big Jim"

I TOTALLY remember Big Jim  - and now I understand why I was so jealous of my friends who had one. Big Jim was one hot piece ... of plastic!

According to Toys You Had...
Big Jim was a 10 inch action figure toy produced by Mattel from 1971 to 1986. This figure line sits as the 3rd most popular ever behind only G.I. Joe and Star Wars. Big Jim was the action hero who could master any sport on the way to his next adventure. The Big Jim basic figure had a push button in the back that moved right arm down, like a karate chop, and had bulging muscles of the arm.
Ten inches and "bulging muscles of the arm?!?" I think Big Jim might have MADE ME GAY!!!

In reality, Big Jim was just a butch Barbie  He had various outfits (like Barbie - or the Village People) ...

And a bunch of "friends", such as Big Josh (below) who was apparently some kind of lumberjack and only wore shorts and a vest ...

Big Jim even had a camper!  But instead of it being a pink "Fashion Camper" or the orange/yellow/brown "Country Camper" from the 1970's (like Barbie had), Big Jim had a "Sports Camper"...

How butch. I'm surprised EVERY kid didn't turn out gay after playing with Big Jim and his Merry Band of Short-Short-Wearing Lumberjacks.

And now that we're on the subject of attractive toys, I think I also had the hots for Stretch Armstrong...

I'm sorry, but Stretch was HAWT!  And so flexible.

Don't judge...

Featured Bodybuilder - Jorlan Nascimento

Jorlan Nascimento, 26, is a Brazilian Bodybuilder.  Which reminds me: NYC's Brazilian Day Festival is this Sunday ... maybe I'll have to dig up my camera and go take some pictures of all the "sights".

Monday, August 30, 2010

White Meat Monday ... The END

"Let the end try the man". 

... William Shakespeare, Henry IV

Surfer by Joseph Acuna

He criss-crosses the crashing waves, 
Flowing with the big, gentle water. He steers and unites,

With the inseparable mother ocean.

He moves with it, 
Flies with it, 
Becomes it,

And the line between man and Nature,

Becomes like footprints in the sand,

When the tide comes on in.

Poem Source

Gayest Cement Mixer EVAH ...

For those of us who want our driveways paved with rainbows.

Afternoon Dance Break - Everybody's Free

Everybody's Free was HUGE during my first Gay Pride after moving to NYC.  So much so that my friends and I saw Rozalla perform the song at least three times at various clubs over that weekend.  It seemed as if every time we turned around, Rozalla would appear and start singing.  After so many cocktails we couldn't tell if we were seeing her live or having a flashback from the night before...

Snooki's Boyfriend Proposes Via Magazine Cover

Jeff Miranda, the current boyfriend of Jersey Shore's Snooki, decided to keep it classy and propose on the cover of trashy Steppin' Out magazine (above).  Shirtless, of course.

This shouldn't be surprising, as Jeff Miranda is a known famewhore But Snooks better watch out, because he is also an alleged girlfriend abuser.

Happy Monday!

The subway was a lot less crowded than usual today - I guess a lot of people are taking vacation during this last week before Labor Day.  Folks need to wear their summer white outfits one more time before putting them away for the fall/winter...

I don't have much on the agenda this week, but on Friday night I'll be headed to the Urge Lounge (AKA "The Urges" - below) for a belated birfday celebration....

If anyone would like to see their favorite Blogger (that would be ME, right???) in a state of utter stupidity while he drunkenly molests the "talent", then head over to The Urges at about 11:30 pm this Friday night...

FINAL NOTE: I swear to JEEBUS, Hurricane Earl better not even THINK about screwing up my weekend...

How Many Phone Numbers Do YOU Remember?

On Friday the New York Times did a story about a man who lost his cell phone and couldn't call his girlfriend because he didn't know her number.  They broke up two weeks later - but who memorizes numbers anymore??

I know just a handful of telephone numbers by heart these days: my old roommate's cell number (it's been the same forever), my best friend's home number (which he doesn't use anymore), and for some reason I remember a childhood friend's parents number that I haven't dialed in years.  But that's about it.

Call me!

Oh ... I also know Mama Bunny's number - even though she hasn't always had it - because it's so easy to remember.  You see, when Mom and Stepdaddy got married and moved to their new house, Mom wanted an easy-to-remember telephone number.  So she called the phone company and told them she had a "mentally challenged" child who needed an easy phone number.  The phone company bought her story and obliged.  FYI: my brother and I are many things, but 'mentally-challenged' ain't one of them.

How many non-work-related telephone numbers do YOU still have in that brain of yours?...

Featured Model/Chiropractor - Tim Robards

Tim Robards is certainly quite a catch - he's a Sydney chiropractor by day who moonlights as a model.  You can friend him on Facebook HERE, and then begin your stalking...

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