Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Night On Project Runway ... DRAMA!

I didn't see the entire episode last night, just most of the last half - and OMG was there DRAMA!!  I have never before seen Tim talk smack like that about another designer RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER SOUR-ASS FACE !!  Gwretchen (misspelled on purpose) better LEARN IT.

Did anyone else feel sorry for Michael Costello?  Again, I didn't see the first half of the show so I'm not sure if the criticism was deserved or not.  Did he suck that bad in the workroom???  I happen to think he's kind of adorable, but you know ME: a little bit of pudge on a Latin-looking boy and I'm HOOKED ...

Finally, I just adored the looks on Nina's face.  She wasn't having the foolery that "Team Low-Budget Luxe" sent down the runway, and it looked like the fugliness of that collection made her physically ill. When Nina calls something "GHASTLY", you know you're in serious trouble.

Anywhore, feel free to share your thoughts about last night's show in the Comments section.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Gretchen is just plain aweful- she needs to learn to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! Good god, I've never heard anyone so full of themselves in my life!!

Peter said...

Haven't seen this episode, we're just a few years behind here in EU.

But that top photo does it for me.

That's a designer? Wearing low hanging shorts and sneakers as if he's still a teen?

I know you have to stand out between all those 'designers', and project your own look, but this is and looks ridiculous.

Sean said...

They all thought he sucked long before last night's challenge.

Tim was the highlight of not only last night's show but of the past two seasons!

I also liked it when Tim got so happy at the mention of chains (they can be fun).

froggy said...

MichaelC - yes, he was having trouble. He didn't know how to construct the cowl neck. I was sort of surprised. Not that I know anything about sewing but I would think you could do all methods of construction before going on PR. But he is not the first one to not be fully trained (thinking of pants and menswear - for actual men - challenge).
I so hope Tim does a vlog for this episode!

MJ said...

I sooooo wish Gretchen would have been sent home...but, I love Tim even more for taking her down.

David....friends are always with you in good times and comes and goes. You are much adored and you will have fabulous days ahead....


Peter Maria said...

Well, as you know from last wk, a lot of the "good" designers were shocked that Michael C. won, and made a lot of snippy comments. And he did appear to be struggling to keep up in the workroom this wk, but that could just be creative editing of reality.

Gwretchen (LOVE that, btw) issues aside (and she IS a piece of work), I thought their idea of not singling any one person out was very fair, if a bit idealistic. I just think that during their impromptu judging strategy meeting, someone should have brought up to Michael C. that if forced to give the judges a name, it made strategic sense to give his, since he had immunity and blah-blah-fishcakes nothing personal.

And really, how could some of them cave so easily and throw Michael C. under the bus? Did they think Michael Kors was going to spray them orange or something? I thought it was classsy of AJ and Andy to not pick on Michael C. and instead attempt a critique of themselves.

Again, this could just be creative editing of reality, but Michael C.'s tears and words when he was with the winning team seemed heartfelt to me. I don't think he had any idea how bitchy the others had gotten about him, which is probably clueless on his part but I think also shows he's got a good heart and healthy self-esteem about his talent. I hope he doesn't let Gwretchen's "patented brand of bitchery" (thank you, Charles Busch) break him, and that he resolves to just keep getting better and better.

And I'm sorry this is so long, so I'll understand if you don't post it. However, I kinda think this was the best episode of both this season AND last season.

David Dust said...

Peter Maria -

I LOOOOOVE long comments. Keep 'em coming!!


David Dust said...

... also, I agree that this episode harkens back to the "good old days" of deliciously dramatic and bitchy Project Runway.


Bob said...

I loved the monet just before Nina says "ghastly" when she, oh yes she did, rolled her eyes!

Joy said...

I loved it when Tim sat the team down and put them in their places! I wish Gretchen had gone home since she's an annoying manipulative bitch, but the others just went along smugly as if it were a sure thing they'd win and then followed the mean girl to their Pyrrhic victory. Instant karma for a change!

That collection was horrible. The other collection was cohesive and fit their theme. Not so with the Fugly Gwretchen Team.

Yay Tim!! I love him!

MoHub said...

What was interesting to me was that Tim really aimed his disappointment at the whole losing team for allowing Gretchen to steamroll over them. If he was upset at anyone individually, it was AJ for "taking the bullet" for the team. Tim did not actually tell Gretchen what a controlling, dictatorial beeyotch she is.

However, Gretchen—in her usual display of Gretchencentricity—had to take Tim's comments as being directed to rather than about her, which says more about her character than if Tim had actually cut her a new one.

Tivo Mom said...

I just watched and my only question is...why did AJ have to take the bullet? I felt like Ivy's "Golden Girls" vest was much worse. Plus I hate her lap dog (to Gwretchen)attitude. Great episode last night and I agree about the long comments. Love to read them.

Timmy said...

I agree with Tivo Mom. Ivy's outfit was awful.

I loved the way Miss Kors called Gwretchen out for back pedaling.

I haven't heard Nina use the word ghastly in a long time. Maybe when Santino did the odd lingerie?

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