Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poor Randy...

Tattoo Hotties

Project Fag Hag

According to Michael Musto, Bravo is putting together a reality show based on the book Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys. Read Musto's post HERE.

Looks like Bravo is desperate to hold onto their coalition of gay men and straight women viewers - even if Project Runway finally ends up on Lifetime.

Daddy Of The Day - JBR

I don't know what "JBR" stands for, but whatever his name is - he is gorgeous. JBR is 31 years-old, was born in the Boogie-Down Bronx and raised in Puerto Rico. Sign me up...

Celebrity Drag Queen Gumbo!

I don't know if you all realize this - but we have a true celebrity in our midst - the fabulous Miss Ginger Grant. Miss G was Houston's "Miss Mint Julep" last year, and has a gorgeous little blog (see it HERE).

Miss G is also a genuine Cajun - and recently shared her Gumbo recipe. Now I am by no means a cook - I scramble eggs every morning and I can make chicken enchiladas - but I am not too swift in the kitchen. But Miss G goes through all the steps of making Gumbo (with pictures) in such a clear and concise manner that I think even I could do it! She obviously completed the entire process before the cocktail hour - thus the clarity.

Please check out Miss G's recipe for Gumbo HERE.

Thanks for sharing, Darling!


Monday, September 29, 2008

White Meat Monday - CAPTION THIS...

And The White Meat Monday Asshat Award Goes To...

This "straight" model, who is suing gay magazine Genre and well-known photographer Rick Day. Apparently Mr. Asshat went to Mr. Day to be photographed, supposedly thinking the photos were just for his portfolio. But when the photos were published in Genre, this "model" says he was subjected to advances from strangers who "solicit him for homosexual sex." Girl, puh-leeez - get over yourself. Furthermore, his attorney stated that "It's definitely put him in a class where he's going to have difficulty obtaining contracts for family-related shows". "Family-related shows"?!? What is it, 1959?!? Read more HERE.

Remember, this lawsuit is not about the photographer USING the pictures (because Mr. Asshat most definitely signed a release allowing the photographer to use them however he wants) - it's about the photographer using the pictures in a GAY magazine. Because now the fags all want to have butt sex with Mr. Asshat. Gag.

So I looked through Mr. NeverGonnaGetWork's MySpace page, and these three pics sent my Gaydar into overdrive. I mean really, a "Free Lil Kim" T-shirt?!? ...

Oh Mary - look at her clutching that cocktail!! It looks like Miss Thang ain't ready to admit some thangs ...

I know I might sound mean, but this kind of crap pisses me off. It's 2008, for goodness sake! If you have a problem with The Gays, DO NOT go to a photographer who is known for his homoerotic photoshoots, sign a release form, and then get upset when your pictures show up in a gay magazine. BE HAPPY for the exposure, you ASSHAT!

And if you are actually gay, and taking this to court to "prove" that you are not - then you are a HUGE ASSHAT.

Either way ... you, Mr. "TheGaysWantToPutThingsInMyButt", are an ASSHAT.

White Meat Monday Daddy Of The Day - Geoff Begnaud

Originally from Louisiana, Geoff Begnaud now lives in Dallas and is making his name in the fitness modeling world. He was the surprise winner at the 2007 Model America Championships held in Los Angeles, his first show and the launch of his fitness modeling career.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

BREAKING: Amanda Woodward Arrested For DUI

Heather Locklear was arrested and released in Santa Barbara for DUI earlier today. Read the story HERE.

My absolute favorite Heather Locklear role was that of mega-beeyotch Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place. Good Lord, did she ever spice up that dog of a show. Of course I watched Melrose religiously from the very first episode - because IT HAD A GAY CHARACTER (we were so desperate for ANY representation in those days). And was that Queen ever boring! "Matt Fielding" made Will Truman look like Halston at the Ramrod in 1979. But when Amanda showed up on Melrose Place in the middle of the first season, she certainly stirred shit up.

Locklear recently received treatment for "anxiety and depression" which is Hollywood code for "pill-popping mess"...

Yankee Fans Are HOT

The Yankees season ends today - and for the first time since 1995 they won't be headed to the post-season. But the Yankees STILL have the hottest fans...

John McCain's Policies

Got ten bucks to help change the country? CLICK HERE to join the Dust Bunnies For Obama.

Daddy Of The Day - Felipe Torretta

Felipe Torretta is a model and actor from Brazil.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Project Runway MIGHT Not Air In January

THIS might delay the next season of Project Runway - on Lifetime or otherwise. I will be doing some dirty fork neck-stabbing if I don't get my next Project Runway fix...

Daddy Of The Day - David McIntosh

The U.K. has their own version of American Gladiators, which is simply called Gladiators. They also have their own version of gladiator Alex Castro ("Militia) - his name is David McIntosh and his character is called "Tornado". Mr. McIntosh is a Royal Marine Commando who has served in Northern Ireland and Somalia. In fact, David will have to suspend his television career next month to return to duty in Afghanistan. Find out more information about Tornado HERE.

Supporting The Gays And Gay Marriage

Ellen Degeneres recently gave Californians a reason to vote against California's Proposition 8 - she doesn't want to return her wedding gifts (she really LOVES her new toaster). Read her funny statement HERE.

Google came out against Prop 8 last week (read HERE), and Levi's chipped in $25,000 toward the cause (HERE).

Pepsi just donated a whopping $500,000 to PFLAG - Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays - which works to strengthen the bond between the gay community and our straight allies.

Please go HERE for more information on the VOTE NO ON PROP 8 movement (especially if you live in California). I also urge all Dust Bunny Bloggers to get the word out on their blogs.

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