Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I WANT MY MTV (and Logo ... and Comedy Central)

I am a Time-Warner Cable customer, although I would not describe myself as a "happy" Time Warner Cable customer (you may recall THIS traumatic experience). To make matters even worse, Time-Warner and Viacom haven't come to fee agreement and all Viacom channels could be dropped from Time Warner cable subscribers right after the ball drops tonight at midnight. That means no Comedy Central (Jon Stewart! South Park!) and no Logo (Project Tranny!). This would also affect Nickelodeon, Spike and other channels I enjoy watching. Read the story HERE.

What Are You Doing Tonight?

I never go out for New Year's Eve anymore - it's way too expensive, crowded, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to find a cab. Years ago I would always go to a huge club and get blotto, but tonight I'll probably just catch up on some blog reading.

What will YOU be doing tonight?

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kitties Everywhere

My Dad and Stepmom have turned into Crazy Cat People - and now have 8 cats that they take care of. Of course they always complain about how eight is just "too much", but there always seems to be room for one more. I always stay with my Dad when I visit my family, so these were my roommates over the past week.



Alex - the 2nd oldest

Gracie - the newest addition

Felix - the oldest. He's about 16-17, and was hit by a car years ago. Felix is a little crazy.

Princess (left) and Blackie (right). These are my two favorites.

Not pictured - Bentley - who is exclusively an outside kitty. He wasn't around when I was taking pictures.

Hotties In Jeans

My Last Meal In Pennsylvania...

The Hamilton is an institution in my hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It has been around forever - in fact, my Dad used to come here for lunch when he went to Carlisle High School. Many, many years later - The Hamilton is still going strong. Mama Bunny and I stopped here for lunch before she took me to the train station yesterday.

The Hamilton's most popular and famous dish isn't on the menu - it's called a Hotchie Dog. It is a grilled hot dog with tons of onions, mustard, a slice of American cheese, and a special chili sauce. OMG - they are delish. I got two (no mustard) and ate 1/3rd of one before I remembered to take the picture. I also got French fries with gravy (my Dad's fave), since they were out of onion rings.

As we say in Central Pennsylvania - NOW THAT'S SOME GOOD EATIN'! OK - now it's back to Weight Watchers...

Daddy Of The Day - Rafael Yapur

Sexy Rafael Yapur was born in Venezuela 27 years ago, and now lives in New York and works as a model. Check my first post Rafael post HERE.

Monday, December 29, 2008

White Meat Monday: Broadway Update

Step It Up and Dance winner - and a Hottie who I've passed on the street - Cody Green (below right - both pics) will be appearing in the Broadway revival of West Side Story. See more pictures of the hot cast from Just Jared HERE.

Please Don't Divorce Us

I dare you to watch this photostream and not cry. It shows the human impact of Proposition 8.

Thanks to Dust Bunny Howard for sending this to me. I encourage you to forward it to your friends.

White Meat Monday: Royalty

It seems that Britain's Prince Harry gets sexier, while Prince William gets ... hairier (except on the top of his head). See more royal holiday pictures from Dlisted HERE.

White Meat Monday Daddy Of The Day - Jason Chambers

Jason Chambers, 28, is a mixed martial artist and actor. He was the co-host of Human Weapon on the History Channel from July 2007 to August 2008. Last month Chambers was arrested for allegedly drugging and raping a woman - however all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Jason denies the "ludicrous" charges - and I believe him. LOOK at this hottie - does he look like someone who needs put GHB in my drink to get lucky?? I don't think so...

It's White Meat Monday...

Don't hurt the (Dust) Bunny!!!!! Welcome to White Meat Monday.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bloated and Cranky ...

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be back on an Amtrak train, and will return to NYC by early evening. And not a moment too soon - I've been eating myself into a coma. I have been to McDonald's (twice), Arby's (!), Burger King - and various others. Furthermore, I ate huge meals with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - and the Mistress Maddie had me over to the ancestral manor on Friday. OMG - Maddie's mother sent me home with TWO boxes of her gourmet cookies/sweets, and they didn't last 24 hours!

Anywhoo - I'm feeling bloated and cranky, but I hope to turn things around once I get back to the big city.

I Must Disagree: Ham WIN!

Homophobes: "Campbell's Not Mmm Mmm Good"

Campbell's Soup has purchased advertising in LGBT publication The Advocate promoting it's Swanson broths. The ads show two female NYC restaurateurs (a lesbian couple) and their son.

Needless to say, the right-wing idiots are OUTRAGED that Campbell's would commit the egregious act of depicting a loving couple with their child. BLASPHEMY! The AFA (American Fucktard Family Association) has urged it's members to contact Campbell's and express their outrage. AFA ChairIdiot Donald Wildmon states "Campbell Soup Company has openly begun helping homosexual activists push their agenda."

OUR PLOT HAS BEEN EXPOSED - we had planned on recruiting your children through the insidious use of Chicken Broth.

But according to Advertising Age, Campbell's hasn't backed down:

Campbell made no apologies for the series of ads, which it said is its first in any LGBT publication, and instead took a decisive stance on the criticism. "Our position on this is pretty straightforward," said company rep Anthony Sanzio. "Inclusion and diversity play an important role in our business, and that fact is reflected in our marketing plan. For more than a century, people from all walks for life have enjoyed Campbell's products, and we will continue to try to communicate in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them."

He added: "Our plans for the Swanson brand include additional placements in The Advocate."

I plan on loading up on Weight-Watcher's friendly Campbell's Soup and Swanson Broth products immediately. The AFA has urged it's trolls and ogres to contact Campbell Soup Co. to voice their outrage - so we need to contact Campbell's to show our support. You can write to:

Douglas R. Conant, President
Campbell Soup Co.
Campbell Place
Camden, NJ 08103
Or call him at (800) 442-7684 or (800) 257-8443

You can also email him:

There is also a feedback form on the Campbell corporate website:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Felt It In My Butt!

An earthquake measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale occurred this morning in Central Pennsylvania - near where I am currently staying with family.

I didn't feel anything at 12:01 AM this morning (I was dead asleep), but Robert Kreider of Mount Joy Township was in the bathtub when "I felt it in my butt. It vibrated".

Lucky bitch...

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