Friday, December 19, 2008

Dubya Speaks In Central PA

Preznit George W. Bush appeared in my hometown on Tuesday - and nobody threw any shoes.

The President made a speech in Thorpe Hall at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Thorpe Hall is named after Olympic Athlete Jim Thorpe, who was educated at the Carlisle Indian School - which was located on the site that is now the War College. See the coverage from the Carlisle Sentinel (for which I was a paperboy as a youth) HERE.

One of the good things about having the War College in my town was the fact that we got to go to school with the children of the Army officers. So we made friends with kids who had traveled the world - and not just to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, some of these well-traveled Army Brats were pompous asses - but then again some of us locals were stupid hicks. So we kind of balanced each other out.


Berry Blog said...

similar experiences David. I was raised in a Navy town and we had Navy brats who had seen the world and wre pretty aloof. They were hesitant to make friends as they knew they might not see graduation from anything with us. And we were country hicks spite of being a college town too.
xOxo charlie

Marker said...

Stupid Dubya. Move to your whites-only enclave in Dallas already and keep your smirking, asshole face out of site forever.

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