Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Gerry!

Happy Birthday wishes to my good friend Gerry Linn! She and I met while working at McDonald’s and attending Penn State – and we've remained friends all these years. She is a birthday FANATIC – heaven help you if you don’t get in touch with her on her important day. I’ve already sent the card, and I’m making the phone call the minute I finish this post – so I should be ok.

For the record, this post is dated Saturday, September 29th because that's when I wrote it (although I didn't post it then). I wanted to be able to post it as soon as I got to work on Monday morning - Gerry's actual birthday. See what happens when you try to be efficient!

I have mentioned Gerry a few times already in the short history of DavidDusthere, and here. She also holds the distinction of being the first straight friend that I 'came out' to, involving lots of crying and hysterics in a Hardee's parking lot.....good times.....good times.....

Ms. Linn is an accomplished attorney who is now concentrating on film making. She and her college friend and film making partner Cheryl Englert have recently started Nittany Films. This has been a bonus for me, as I now get to see Gerry every year when she and Cheryl come to NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival (picture below):

Happy Birthday GB!!!

Daddy Of The Day - Carlos Beltran

Today's Daddy of the Day is, in my book, one of the most beautiful men ever. Period. It's Carlos Beltran, the 30-year-old center fielder for the New York Mets.

Those of you paying attention may have noticed I've previously featured three NY Yankees (Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano), and only one Met (David Wright). This was due to the fact that the Mets were playing really good baseball and the Yankees weren't - so I figured the Mets would definitely make it to the playoffs and still be playing baseball in October. I thought I had PLENTY of time to feature my favorite Met players. Well, it looks like I may have been VERY wrong.

After MONTHS in first place, the Mets fell to second place (behind the Phillies) last night with only 2 more games to play. Their season could be over by tomorrow, so I better feature my favorite Met here he is.......

Betran splits his time between New York City, and his birthplace of Manati, Puerto Rico. He is soft-spoken and a devout Christian - just the type of guy you bring home to meet your Mama.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Daily Affirmation

This one is in honor of Toni, the birthday girl. She is SCARED TO DEATH of clowns......and Jello......and feet............let's just say she has issues.

Daddy Of The Day - Shawne Merriman

Yesterday while perusing Youtube I found a short NFL promotional video featuring Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman, and posted it on DavidDust. I had never heard of Mr. Merriman before (I don’t really follow football), but after seeing him I KNEW he was Daddy of the Day material.

Shawne is 23 years old, 6 ft. 4 in. tall, and weighs 272 lbs (HUGE!). He grew up in Maryland, attended the University of Maryland, and has been a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers since 2005.


Happy Birthday Toni!

Happy Birthday Toni! Yes, my longtime friend (and former Sirabella’s Restaurant co-worker) is celebrating her birthday today.

Isn't she adorable?! Some of you may not know this, but Toni was once a Second Runner-Up in the "Miss Brooklyn Housing Projects" beauty pageant. And she has the certificate to prove it!

This reminds me - I MUST share some Sirabella's stories with you all from time to time. Like the one about the Tranny who worked as a hostess, or the owner's famous quote: "I don't know WHERE you're going to find Romaine on a night like tonight" (answer: the grocery store, dumbass!), or maybe the one about how they kept the Dining Room dark so you couldn't see the roaches. Good times...good times....

Toni's birthday also marks the beginning of what I like to call "Birthday Hell". It seems like almost everyone I know was born between now and October 14 (friggin Libras!). The Hallmark store LOVES me this time of year.

Happy birthday Sweet Pea.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nan Kempner's Garage Sale

From the New York Daily News:

A chunk of New York fashion history goes on display tonight at Christie's in midtown. Sixty outfits worn by the late Nan Kempner are being shown ahead of their Oct 2. sale, which will benefit the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The ensembles, some dating back to the 1960s, reflect every famous name in fashion from Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint Laurent to Calvin Klein and Manolo Blahnik.

Nan Kempner, who passed away in July, was a New York City socialite, famous for dominating society events, shopping, charity work and fashion. She was also outspoken - and the following quotes are attributed to her (from Wikipedia):

"I wouldn't miss the opening of a door."
"The only plastic I want is plastic surgery!"
"I want to be buried naked, I know there's a store where I'm going."
"I loathe fat people."

Toward the end of her life, it has been reported Nan had most of the rooms in her Park Avenue apartment converted into walk-in closets, to house all of her clothes and shoes.

Daddy Of The Day

Today's Daddy of the Day is another random guy I found on Flickr. There is something very "normal guy" cute about him.

NFL Tour Cover Campaign - Shawne Merriman

Who the HELL is this gorgeous man?? Oh.My.God.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daddy Of The Day - James

Get ready, cause I’m about to go all ‘old school’ on your asses! Today’s Daddy of the Day is James – my favorite old-school go-go dancer from my favorite old-school Times Square hustler bar - "Stella’s". It was one of the saddest days of my life when Stella’s finally fell victim to the Disneyfication of Times Square (and the Vice Squad) and shut its doors.

Oh how I miss the days when everyone at Stella’s referred to James as my “husband”. If by “husband” they meant “the guy David spends all his money on – one dollar at a time” – then he truly WAS my husband. Good times…..good times……

Many of you may be thinking: “but David, James isn’t all big and beefy like most of the other Daddies of the Day – what’s up?”. Well I’ll tell you what’s up – look at his g-string bitches – there’s your BIG and BEEFY right there!

James is straight, with a son and a daughter. I’ve known him for so long, he danced at my 30th birthday party (which was, like, a couple of years ago….I think…cough, cough…). He was also the featured entertainment at a few of the infamous “roof parties” thrown at my old apartment. You should see THOSE pictures.

Chaka Khan To Appear In "Color Purple" on Broadway

Courtesy of Google News and Shanta Langford:

NEW YORK (AP) — Get ready for some cast changes — all Broadway debuts — in the New York company of "The Color Purple."

Grammy winners Chaka Khan and BeBe Winans will join the hit musical on Jan. 9 at the Broadway Theater, producer Scott Sanders announced Tuesday. The twosome will portray the battling lovebirds, Sofia and Harpo, in the show, which is based on Alice Walker's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Meanwhile, "American Idol" finalist LaKisha Jones will come aboard Dec. 19 to play the Church Soloist, a woman who opens the musical with a rousing gospel number. Jones will play the role at all performances through Jan. 6. Starting Jan. 9, she will play the Church Soloist at evening performances and Sofia at matinees.

"The Color Purple" stars Fantasia as Celie, a determined woman who, in Walker's heartfelt tale of abuse and perseverance, triumphs over adversity.

Shout Outs

I would like to give shout-outs to all my friends who've taken a look at this blog thingy so far: Vera, Michael, Dana, Shanta, Isabel, Skarey, Nance, Budge...and yes...TONI!!!!

Remember y'all - you CAN make comments every once in a while. It is simple, easy, and free to set up a Google account - OR, you can make an anonymous comment and identify yourself in the text of the comment. Talk to me bitches!!!

Some of you have asked how I came up with the name "David Dust". When I decided to start a blog I had NO idea what to call it - so I literally googled "how to name a blog". After further investigation I came across a "Band Name Generator" - yes, something to help you, your bass player, and your drummer name your band - so you can stop practicing in the basement and actually start playing in public.

All that was required was for you to enter a "key word" - and the only thing I could think of was "David"........and a list popped up. On that list was "David Dust" - which sounded delightfully like "fairy dust" - and "David Dust" became the name of my blog.

Daily Affirmation

Thanks to Budge for all the funny buttons - more to come.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daddy Of The Day - The Rock

Today’s Daddy of the Day is one of my long-time loves, The Rock.

The Rock, born Dwayne Johnson, grew up traveling with is father, Professional wrestler Rocky Johnson. During high school, the family settled down in Bethlehem, PA, where young Dwayne became an accomplished athlete.

He ended up playing football for the University of Miami, and was considering “going pro” before being sidelined by an injury

He followed in his father's (and grandfather's) footsteps, becoming one of the most popular “performers” for the World Wrestling Federation (now the WWE) from 1996 to 2004. After his professional wrestling stint, Johnson concentrated on acting, starring in The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King, and Walking Tall (all classics in my book!).

The Rock's wrestler father - Rocky Johnson

On Friday, The Rock’s latest movie comes out – The Game Plan from Disney. It’s the typical “macho guy gets humbled by small children” formula – think Three Men and a Baby, Kindergarten Cop, and more recently, The Pacifier (starring a future Daddy of the Day, Vin Diesel). Critics usually HATE these movies, but anything featuring Vin Diesel in a tight v-neck t-shirt is OK in my book.

Let’s hope The Game Plan also has its share of tight v-neck t-shirts.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I Beat Anorexia

I am TOTALLY getting one of these T-Shirts!

Thanks to my bestest girlfriend Vera for the email.

The War

Last night I watched the first installment of The War on PBS and it was fantastic. Produced by Ken Burns, The War tells the story of a handful of men and women from 4 US cities and towns during World War II. The filmmaker allows the subjects to tell us, through their own experiences, how they (and everyone around them) were impacted by the war.

Ken Burns is a great storyteller – he has done PBS documentaries on everything from Frank Lloyd Wright to Baseball to The Brooklyn Bridge. Burns is perhaps best known for his PBS documentary The Civil War – which I watched with great interest after I noticed one of my Penn State history professors, Gary Gallagher, was one of the commentators on the film.

If you have even a passing interest in history, check out The War on PBS.

Daddy Of The Day - David Wright

I have declared today to be “White Meat Monday” – and therefore have chosen David Wright of the New York Mets as today’s Daddy of the Day.

Wright was born on December 20, 1982 (making him the ripe old age of 24) and was raised in Virginia. In July of 2004 he made his Mets debut at third base, and has been their starting third baseman pretty much ever since. He and shortstop Jose Reyes (a future Daddy of the Day) make up the cutest left side of any infield in baseball (see below).

David’s RBI single in the 11th inning yesterday was the run needed to beat the Florida Marlins and continue the Mets quest for their division title. As you can see, he is one CUTE white boy!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Daddy Of The Day - Oscar De La Hoya

Today’s Daddy of the Day is Olympic gold medalist and world champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya. He is 24 years old and married to singer Millie Corretjer (they have one baby boy). De La Hoya also has 3 other kids, to 3 different Baby Mamas (including actress Shanna Moakler).

Take a look:

Now since today’s posts seem to be dealing with rules, I’m going to throw another rule out there: boxing champs should never do drag. Ever. These pictures were supposedly taken by a stripper from Scores West:

According to the New York Daily News:

“She says she took the photos at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia on May 17. He wore size 9 ladies shoes (ed. note: that’s a size 7 men’s – TINY!). He also liked wearing thigh-high nylons. He liked sex games. He and the girl would sit in a chair that they’d pretend was a motorcycle. He’d pretend he was the girl on the back of motorcycle. She’d be the guy. He’d grab her around the waist and squeal, ‘Faster! Faster!”

“He’d send a private plane or fly them first-class,” says a stripper. “They’d meet up in hotels, where the party could go on for days. There was a lot of tequila. It involved men and women. They indulged his every whim and taste.”

His people claim the pictures are photoshopped and the stripper is just out for money (a stripper out for money - shocking!). These days I can never tell what’s photoshopped and what isn’t – so judge for yourself.
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