Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Gerry!

Happy Birthday wishes to my good friend Gerry Linn! She and I met while working at McDonald’s and attending Penn State – and we've remained friends all these years. She is a birthday FANATIC – heaven help you if you don’t get in touch with her on her important day. I’ve already sent the card, and I’m making the phone call the minute I finish this post – so I should be ok.

For the record, this post is dated Saturday, September 29th because that's when I wrote it (although I didn't post it then). I wanted to be able to post it as soon as I got to work on Monday morning - Gerry's actual birthday. See what happens when you try to be efficient!

I have mentioned Gerry a few times already in the short history of DavidDusthere, and here. She also holds the distinction of being the first straight friend that I 'came out' to, involving lots of crying and hysterics in a Hardee's parking lot.....good times.....good times.....

Ms. Linn is an accomplished attorney who is now concentrating on film making. She and her college friend and film making partner Cheryl Englert have recently started Nittany Films. This has been a bonus for me, as I now get to see Gerry every year when she and Cheryl come to NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival (picture below):

Happy Birthday GB!!!


Gerry said...

Thank you, David, for honoring me today (or technically, on Saturday, in anticipation of today, Oct. 1) with a front page headline Happy Birthday wish! Thanks also for using at least 2 good pictures from our production company's website (the Tribeca one, I'm not crazy about). I would also like to clarify to all those viewers/readers out there (and I'm sure there are many - perhaps they could leave a comment once in a while, though), that I am NOT a fanatic about my birthday nowadays. Once one turns 40, the fun of making a big deal over one's birthday kind of gets sucked away...

Enjoyed the blog. Nice choices for "Daddy of the Day," for the most part. Carlos Beltran gets my vote as no. 1 - I am a diehard Yankees fan but there's one Met I could support!

Thanks again and keep it up!
P.S. David, please see me!! SEDS

David Dust said...

Gerry -

Your "see me! SEDS" sent CHILLS down my spine - as always!

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