Friday, September 28, 2007

Daily Affirmation

This one is in honor of Toni, the birthday girl. She is SCARED TO DEATH of clowns......and Jello......and feet............let's just say she has issues.


sookietex said...

hello david sookietex here. you knew me waaay back when as delores from motown cafe. my brick-n-mortar job is waitressing where the birthday girl Toni hosts. can you say small world---i always say "nyc is the biggest small town" [we are an island after all]. Toni turned me on to your site, and i am ROFLMAO about the clown affirmation. i knew about the clown issue. i didn't know about the jello. she and i will have to talk about that for sure. i love your "daddy of the day" feature---nice eye candy indeed

in my real life away from the 7th level of hell where Toni and i work, i am here in-a-lather feel free to stop by, i hope you'll like.

ps the 'Granuity' post is too funny ['cause it's true].


David Dust said...

Hey Delores - welcome to DavidDust! I'll have to stop by and say "hello" to you and Toni soon.

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