Saturday, December 31, 2011



New Year's Eve At Home

Tonight my roommate and I will stay home and drink champagne, order Chinese, and finally let our kitties meet face-to-face.

Note: if someone told me during my twenties that one day I would write the sentence above, I'd have immediately jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge.


Afternoon Disco Break: "This Time Baby"

Jackie Moore's got love on her mind. Ain't no use in her wasting time...

Republican Jobs Plan...

Sauron will put everyone to work!


I've Been To A Couple Of These...

New Year's Eve Caturday

Good Morning

Good Night

Friday, December 30, 2011

Feeling Blue

"Feeling a little blue in January is normal."

... Marilu Henner

"Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again."

... L. Frank Baum

Not A Kardashian


Happy 40th Birthday ...

... to insanely hawt actor Daniel Sunjata.


Don't Mess


Troy: Attack Kitty

The newest member of my household manages to be adorable AND semi-ferocious while attacking anything that wiggles.



Thursday, December 29, 2011


"I don't know about you, but every time some joker points me out as I walk through an airport wearing extra-small Dolfin shorts, a tank top and leg warmers, I get a little upset."

... Richard Simmons

Clean As A Whistle



From Grandpa & Grandpa

"My grandpa got married to another man earlier this year and this is their first Christmas together. It was nice to see this written on my present that they sent me."


My New Roommate: "Troy"

One of my roommates just adopted an adorable kitten named Troy - last night was his first night in the apartment. So far we've kept little Troy separated from Oscar and Dusty - we'll let them get to know each other on opposite sides of my roommate's door. At least for now.

Troy is a total sweetheart - and purrs loudly when you pet him. Just like his Uncle David...


Ralphie Is All Grown Up

Peter Billingsley - who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story - is now 40 years old and LOOKING GOOD!

And, despite what his mother said, Ralphie still has both his eyes.

Good Night

Wednesday, December 28, 2011





Here's Looking At You, Kid


Is Gaga Moving To Amish Country?

This story was all over the news while I was in Central Pennsylvania for Christmas: Lady Gaga might be buying a house in Amish Country.

From Curbed:
The pop mega-star, whose primary home is a rental in Bel Air, Calif., has been seen touring a $1.7M manor-style house in Lititz, Pa., of all places—her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, grew up there and his parents own the place next door. The place, totaling 6,000 square feet, was built in 2006 and has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a formal dining room, two kitchens, and buttoned-up interior details such as crown moldings, wood banisters, built-ins, and marble floors.

If Gaga bought the place and decided she wanted to have a drink with The Gays, the Tally Ho Tavern (AKA "The Tacky Ho")  is just down the road in Lancaster. Yes Virginia, there IS a Gay Bar in the midst of Amish Country


Happy Hump Day!


Click To Embiggen

Anyone know where this is??


Good Night

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


"I think all jocks have a sensitive side. It's just, will they show it to anybody? Will they let their guard down and stop being tough and the cool jock guy around their friends, or just relax? I don't know if it's best to say opening up, but just relax and really say what you're actually thinking, and not what you think people want to hear."

... Channing Tatum

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