Tuesday, December 20, 2011

VH1 Divas Of Soul

Did anyone watch VH1 Divas of Soul last night? I thought it was cute – except for the fact that it was a little light on the Divas. 

· The opening with Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and Mary J Blige doing The Supremes was awesome. MJB looked like she was having a blast. 

· It’s a damn shame that American Idol has done about 358 seasons, and no one will ever come close to being as good as the Season One winner – Miss Kelly Clarkson. Just Saying. 

· Mavis Staples needed to spend more time singing “I’ll Take You There” and less time calling Tyrone. 

· I have loved Chaka Khan ever since I saw her sloppy performance at the Roxy one New Years Eve. She is every (drunk) woman. 

· Who in the hell was that white girl wearing the hideous fringe outfit and making those weird noises? Yes, I am one of The Olds and don't know who these young whippersnappers are anymore...

· I had no idea that Jedi Master Mace Windu was from Detroit... 

· Dear Martha Reeves: you are a national treasure. That dress, however, is not. 

· Where was Diana, Aretha and/or Patti?? 

What did YOU think?



Bob said...

Indeed, how can something be called DIVAS of SOUL and not include Diana, Aretha and Patti.

Still.....Mavis Staples? O-effing-MG I love her.

And Kelly is faboosh.
JHud is awesome.

Kailyn said...

I enjoyed the show and have it saved on dvr to rewatch.

Patty, Diana and Aretha? You know their appearance fees exceeded the budget for the entire show.

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