Thursday, December 29, 2011

From Grandpa & Grandpa

"My grandpa got married to another man earlier this year and this is their first Christmas together. It was nice to see this written on my present that they sent me."



Bob said...

Carlos was in a local show at our Fine Arts Center earlier this year--he plays the trumpet--and we sent a DVD of the show to my father.
One of my nieces saw it, and sent Carlos and email saying how proud she was watching her Uncle perform.

It's the little things......a niece calling your partner Uncle....that make everything else seem insignificant.

froggy said...

You can never go wrong with a bunch of grandparents! The more the merrier!

jim said...

That's great. And they know the right kind of present to send, too!!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

THose cheap ass queens only sent you a buck?!

jim said...

Now, now Miss Ginger, don't get your little red wig in more of a tizzy than it already is. Thanks to the ever dwindling Social Security system, it's extremely likely that the Two Grandpa's are not as fabulously wealthy as your dear, old friends, the Howells & they simply did the best they could.

Remember, especially during the Holidays, it IS the THOUGHT that counts!!

Happy New Year to all!!!

David Dust said...

Dearest DustBunny Jim -

Thank you for 'splaining things to Miss Ginger :)

Happy New Year to you too!!!


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