Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Gaga Moving To Amish Country?

This story was all over the news while I was in Central Pennsylvania for Christmas: Lady Gaga might be buying a house in Amish Country.

From Curbed:
The pop mega-star, whose primary home is a rental in Bel Air, Calif., has been seen touring a $1.7M manor-style house in Lititz, Pa., of all places—her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, grew up there and his parents own the place next door. The place, totaling 6,000 square feet, was built in 2006 and has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a formal dining room, two kitchens, and buttoned-up interior details such as crown moldings, wood banisters, built-ins, and marble floors.

If Gaga bought the place and decided she wanted to have a drink with The Gays, the Tally Ho Tavern (AKA "The Tacky Ho")  is just down the road in Lancaster. Yes Virginia, there IS a Gay Bar in the midst of Amish Country



Sam said...

bet the ho would show up if you put it on twitter. Hey HO. did you get what you wanted for Baby Jeebus's Birfday?

mistress maddie said...

And could you just imagine the buggy passer bys when they see her with a peanut brittle dress on and a hat that looked like a huge bolonga stick on her head?

Ted said...

And she would show up at the club. She still comes to the Round-Up (gay cowboy bar) whenever she's in Dallas, since they gave her one of her first opportunities to perform.

insomnia said...

Finally! A celebrity I am close enough to stalk! Yay!

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