Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tim Gunn - CENSORED???

Every week Tim Gunn records a Facebook video with the behind-the-scenes dirt from the most recent episode of Project Runway. And, as we all know, Grandpa Gunn likes to tell it like it T-I-IS.  Apparently this week was no exception - here is a brief recap of his latest video from our good friends at Blogging Project Runway ...
The behind the scenes story on the production of "A Rough Day On The Runway" is far more entertaining than what we saw Thursday night. Something seemed amiss about this challenge and the way the judges acted on the runway and now we know why. It was simply flat out incompetence by Bunim-Murray (the producers of the show). A few bullet points:
  • The challenge started out as a period piece costume that was going to be worn by Katie Holmes, but the designers would not be told!
  • After the Katie Holmes/Jackie O angle went away, it became a dancewear challenge and Tim showed up on shooting day at the assigned studio, but no one was there. He had to find the shooting location on his own.
  • Tim: "The whole notion that we would even associate Jackie Kennedy with American sportswear is a stretch."
  • Tim stepped into the judging circle to clarify what the designers had been told the challenge was since it was clear they had a different idea.

After reading all that, I was DYING to see the video - since it seemed to explain why this past episode was such a hot mess. But guess what - the video has been removed from Facebook. Could it be that the Bunim-Murray people didn't appreciate Tim's honesty???

Tim has mentioned in his videos before, in passing, about the producers not telling him about locations or that he thought he was getting fired - could it be that they are trying to get rid of him? I will tell you this - if Bunim-Murray REALLY wants to sink Project Runway, all they have to do is get rid of Tim Gunn. NO ONE would watch that mess without him.

Goodness, I long for the days of Christian Siriano and Bravo ...



froggy said...

Oh. My. Gawd!!!!
Daughter and I watched it last night!
Let's see what I can remember...

The challenge was so bogus from the beginning and changing. BPR did a good job with the bullet points. Time was really angry that the judges kept insisting that Jackie would have never worn such and such. BUT that was not the point - it was supposed to be what JKO would wear today if she was a young woman in 2010! To my mind it could have been what would Michelle Obama wear today - that would have been easier.
He was also very flummoxed over the whole sportswear issue. Having no idea what sportswear really is...
He was disparaging of the production team and the judging.
He was happy with Mondo's win and really sad to see MichaelD go, liked his humor and light heartedness, but agreed the skits was ghastly.
I really think it was the dissing of the sloppiness of the challenge and his exaspartion at the boneheadedness of the judges that got it yanked. He joked in previous vlogs that he wasn't supposed to say the judges were on crack.

Bob said...

If Tim goes, I go.


kayce. said...

i happened to catch the vlog this morning, and feel so lucky now ~ i'm usually the one who's missed out, LOL. i'm w/ @Bob, though. if tim goes, i go. he's the only reason to watch! hell, tim could post a fb vlog every week in project runway's competing timeslot and i'd totally watch it rather than this bunim-murray b.s. on lifetime.

Kristen S. said...

Tim Gunn is the heart and soul of PR...heart because he treats the contestants so kindly and constructively and soul because he's so classy and eloquent. If Bunim Murray are trying to dump him, they are worse businesspeople than I thought (and I thought they were pretty bad with that horrible Starting Over mess from a few years ago). Nobody cares all that much about Kors and Garcia, and Heidi is mildly amusing at times.

Like the others have said - if Tim goes, I go.

Rudi said...

I saw the video before it went down and it was pretty critical of the producers and judges for the absurd idea of a challenge they'd come up with. I feel fairly certain that Tim's post was pulled down for this reason and the fact that it was is totally absurd.

Not only is it extremely transparent on their part, it's complete hipocracy. How can they weekly broadcast to millions a show in which aspiring designers are brutally criticized about their art in a humiliating, execution range-like critique session, and then get upset the second a colleague posts a web video that suggests the challenge they came up with was poorly conceived.

On the contrary, the producers should grow some spines and recognize their job in a show like this. They are NOT THE HEROES of their show. The are the VILLIANS. They create the challenges and obstacles that the designers (i.e. heroes) struggle with. We cheer for the people we see, NOT the invisible producers behind the camera that put our designers through hell. Other shows get this and embrace it. I may be one of the few people who avidly watches both Project Runway and Top Gear, but on Top Gear the producers are regularly railed against for their cruel challenges in a delightful way. They understand that their job is to be Snidely Whiplash and twirl their mustaches, and if the Runway producers have too thin of skins to play that role than they should get out of reality television.

If I'm wrong and the video is down due to technical difficulties, forgive me Project Runway producers and please disregard this message. But I have this weird feeling that facebook is working just fine.

CElster said...

Tim Gunn is the heart of Project Runway. When everyone else is caught up in the drama and politics, it is Tim that restores order to the situation, and keeps everyone focused on the task at hand.
This show is supposed to be about fashion and design, about the inter-workings of the art world. Tim Gunn is our tangible connection to that world, a role model that a majority of us (of all ages/races/sexes/orientations) can relate to. The contestants (who of course we also love) may come and go, but it is Tim Gunn who stays every season and keeps us loyal viewers coming back to watch more.

If Tim wasn't the driving force behind the show, I know that I wouldn't watch. We care because he cares. His dedication to and love for this show is apparent in his every action. The implication that he is not doing his job enough that he would be fired is appalling! No one could do that job any better .

I support Tim Gunn!

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