Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Night On Project Runway - "Are You High? ... Fashion"

Another train wreck on the runway last night on Project Runway. What is up with these designers? If they can't knock "high fashion" out of the park, what CAN they do?

Instead of high fashion, we saw:
  • "Smurf Couture" from Ivy (above). Totally not smurfy. And I'm not sorry to see her go.
  • "Renaissance Faire meets Hippie Chick on Planet Tacky" from Gwretched - and she was in the Top 3!

  • "Tinkerbell Chic" from Valerie. I almost spit out my Chinese Food when Michael Kor(ange)s said that the only possible accessory that would work with that dress was a wand. Burn!

These garments were so hideous that Nina Garcia looked like she got a stomach virus by just LOOKING at them. Feel free to discuss in the comments.



froggy said...

I was shocked, shocked, at Gretchen's entry! Even the judges looked shocked as they were praising it. Somebody's got the fix in for that girl. Even skipping ahead to her decoy/finale collection - all just bad retreads of the 70s.

Tom A. said...

I was shocked Michael was in the bottom 3 instead of hippie bitch!

Top 3? No way!!

Bob said...

I loved when Nina looked at Val's disaster and hung her head and said, "Wow."

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Gwretched's dress was a train wreck horror!

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