Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Results Are In ...

Week #1 of the Good Days Not-So-Fluffy Bunny Healthy Living Project (seriously people – can ANYONE come up with a better name?) is in the books, and overall the results were pretty impressive. Here’s how everyone did (Note: The first number is the number of “Good Days” each person had):

Miss Alaineous
7/7 (GREAT JOB!)
Little Karnak
Uncy Carl
Tivo Mom
David Dust

As stated before – everyone has his/her own criteria for what consists of a Good Day and/or Bad Day. So there are no winners/losers on this list and the rankings should not be taken as such. We are only competing with ourselves. 

To the Bunnies who reported (above) - feel free to elaborate in the comments section about how your week went. Also, if you forgot to email me with your results for Week #1, please tell us your tally in the Comments. 

Overall – you Bunnies were pretty damn impressive. Me?? … Not so much. 

I should never EVER underestimate my ability to sabotage myself. The week prior to Week #1 I was kicking bunnybutt – eating healthy, exercising, and losing 8 lbs. When Week #1 officially started, I rested on my butt laurels from the week prior and kept telling myself that TOMORROW would be a Good Day. Needless to say, I only ended up with two of those tomorrows. I ‘competed with myself’ – and LOST

So it got me to thinking (which is never good) … what if I posted MY results daily? I tried to talk myself out of this last night because I’m horrified of looking like a fat idiot with no self control (If the shoe fits…) – but it will hold me much more accountable. And maybe it will motivate some/all of us to do better. 

So every morning I’ll post my results from the previous day (oh JEEBUS, I’m going to regret this). It’ll probably just be a quick blurb – but occasionally I may elaborate, especially if I get back to kicking bunnybutt again. 

Yesterday’s results: BAD DAY. Blame Wendy’s – not me, of course. Oy.


froggy said...

!!!! What did I learn last week? Don't set certain goals in the middle of chaos. New week goal - do not succumb to stress eating and one blood test.

This is my life, and going to be my life, for a good month, at least. Huge reno going on in the house due to the Great Flood (plumbing related). So this week's goals are more inline with reality.
A good day will not be falling into stress eating. Will set a goal of ONE blood test this week - there is HUGE stress related to this and stress will skew your results - so not only do I stress about the stress, the stress makes me stress....

Congrats to everyone on their good days!!!

(Today's stress - they turned off our air conditioning for the day and set off the smoke alarm and it is only 9.18pst here!)

Bittybis said...

Thanks again for doing this. The first step for me any time I've lost a serious amount of weight is to be more mindful, and this is helping. Last week I did well. I set the bar low so as to be able to succeed. I defined a good day as one with at least 20 minutes of exercise and no "unplanned" snacking. This week, I'm upping my goals a little and saying that a good day is one with at least 20 minutes of exercise and where I record everything I eat. This week I'm just going to write it down. Next week, I'll start Weight Watchers tracking again.

Amber LeMay said...

Double D - Every day is "good day" for me as long as check in on your blog. You can do what/who ever you want. Just do it!!
PS: When it doubt, use your "Ask Some Drag Queens" phone app!!

Anonymous said...

A very big part of success of programs like Biggest Loser is to re-educate yourself. So, if you go to Wendy's, know what to order. You really can't second guess it - you will likely be wrong. I was a bit shocked at how bad Arby's is. Check out Wendy's/Arby's nutrition facts at: http://www.wendys.com/food/pdf/us/atlanta_ga.pdf

Wendy's Deluxe Chicken Grill is the best thing (high protein, low fat and reasonable carbs-from the bun) and the Apple Pecan Chicken salad isn't bad either.

Note the huge calorie difference between a chocolate and caramel small Frosty! - It's crazy. Also check out how bad those Arby's curly fries are!

Good luck to everyone!! It is a daily challenge for us all.

David Dust said...

Dearest DustBunny WillBeBi -

I agree that education/re-education is important. However, many (if not most) of us who've struggled with our weight forever know EXACTLY how bad Wendy's is for us. Furthermore, we know which items on the Wendy's menu will be the least damaging. However, some of us (read: ME) are mentally incapable of doing the right thing once we get up to the counter.

Can I get an "Amen" from the Fattie choir up in here?!?!

Seriously, once I've said "Fuckit!", a switch goes off in my head IT'S ON. The key for me is not to let the "Fuckit" switch go off. Because once I've walked in the doors of a fast food place (AKA - Fatty Paradise), there isn't an ice cube's chance in Hell that I'm gonna order a salad.

Yes, it's ridiculous - but it's my reality.

Also - I refuse to believe that Arby's Roast Beef isn't the most nutritious (and delicious, obvs) food on the planet.

Wait, who are these men in white coats and why are they talking to me in soothing tones? And why do they want me to get into their van?...


mrs. miss alaineus said...

i set really achievable goals- like drinking more water and getting at least 25 min of exercise in- things i have been working towards for a whole so it wasn't a big life change.

david, here's your amen. i am overweight despite hating chocolate, most chips and other snacky things. i know what to eat and i make healthy choices, i just can't say no to cheese and there has never been a cooked potato i haven't liked. reeducation for me is about portion control and it's hard to constantly have to monitor even the 'good' or 'healthy' foods.

i think the problem is two-fold. first of all, many of us are considered unhealthy because of our bmi, an outdated way and not the best measurement of overall health, so i think a better definition of what overweight is needs to be determined, as well as more studies done on why some people can't lose weight despite doing all the 'right' things.

the bottom line, i think healthy should be more than a number on the scale. all of us are trying to do things to improve our overall health and that makes us all winners.

this week, and for the rest of the summer i am going to try to not take the elevator at work more than once a day. . .i am in a third floor classroom so we'll see how that goes.

congrats to all! no matter what the good/ bad day ratio is, we are all taking steps towards better health! small steps may take more time to get someplace but are much easier to maintain over time!


Tivo Mom said...

I think I define a good day as a day that I do not drink 4 regular cokes and have snacks consistently throughout the day. I go through stages that I just cannot put the fork down and last week was one of those weeks. Plus I had company in town and that adds to my stress level always. Anyway I am working on it this week and so far no regular cokes in the past 2 days(thats a big deal for me). I agree with David in that if I say fuckit, then I am getting the #1 combo (upsized) at Wendys with a regular coke. No one can tell me what is healthy at a fast food restaurant. I mean, what would be the point of going there in the first place. Good luck to all....

LittleKarnak said...

I agree DD, the key for me is to just stay out of the fast food joints. Fortunately I work in a little town that only has 1 fast food place, Checkers; unfortunately last week Aunt Flo came to visit and ALL I craved was Checkers Combo #3 w/an upsized Dr. Pepper!! Back on track this week w/homemade lunches and suppers. And you may as well have a regular soda; have you read the research on Aspartame, the main sweetener of diet sodas??? Gimme high fructose corn syrup any day!! OK, off my soap box......

nitrox11 said...

I am so not the exercising type, but have found that eating healthily is not as hard as I thought. I went mad the other week and splashed out on a Vitamix after seeing it on a telly selly channel. I know it's not in everyone's price range and had it not been for the 4 monthly payments, it wouldn't have been in mine either.

However, having taken the plunge I went and bought tons of fresh fruit and veg to use in it. First thing I noticed? That comes in a lot cheaper than buying the processed crap I used to get. Second thing I noticed, the blender is really easy to use and clean (just like they say it is on TV). Third thing I noticed, you can really fling almost any combination of fruits and veg in there and it works pretty well. Who knew spinach and celery can hardly be tasted if blueberries, dates and banana are in the drink?

I have a mega thick all-fruit/veg smoothie for breakfast and it fills me up, gives me way more than my 5 a day and is full of good stuff. Yes they have sugars in, but not the nasty refined sugars, few carbs, no dairy. If you want milk in there use low fat or soya/oat milk. For dinner I can also make soups with no additive and preservative crap. For treats you bung some frozen strawberries with some milk and voila, fabby, sweet, tasty soft ice cream in about 30 seconds. A cup of peanuts makes delicious peanut butter with no nasty oils and stuff.

That's my way of turning the corner to healthy eating. I hate waste, so buying lots of fruit and veg means I force myself to eat it, rather than throw it. I am filling up on good stuff, not junk.

Craig said...

Hi Hon -

I sent my results to the wrong email (its a good thing I am not in charge of national security)...

This is a really fun experiment and I am enjoying my progress. I too am trying to set truly achieveable goals like drinking water and short but real exercise periods. Sometimes the only reason the good day was good was because I finally argued myself onto that bicycle for a cruise around the neighborhood (dangerous in NY don't try it David!)

That fuckit switch gets to all of us from time to time. I try to change the switch with a mantra my friend taught me "It won't taste as good as skinny will feel"

Sometimes that actually stops me from eating all of the donuts. Sometimes (grin) I tell that mantra to stfu and pass me that last donut.


no weight loss, but also no weight gain - which is a winning week in my book.


-Craig of CraTyr.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Eh, more bad days than good.
I've been working for awhile on the exercises in Martha Beck's 4 Day Win book. I've built some good habits and have tried to eliminate anxiety-causing elements in my life, which cause me to eat. However, I'm going thru a bad patch right now - I hope it will be better at the other end so I can finally have a run of good days.

Joy said...

Did you get my email? I sent it too late, I think, and used the one on "contact" here on your blog since my computers were dead, and I had to get a new one.

I had 3 semi-good days but none that were what I'd hoped.

Way to go, Bunnies!!

truth said...

I am happy that you are going to post something on your blog daily. I need daily checkins to keep myself honest.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I was so bad I didn't even call in- but for the record, I was 2/7. This week is faring much worse, so far, and I don't see it improving any time soon! Eating healthy would require a trip to the grocery store, a task for which I can't seem to muster the energy. Sleep seems so much more nutritious right now!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

PS: WOW! This may be a world record number of responses!!!

I hear you 100%, sistah! If I could get a padlock on my FUCKIT switch, I'd be a skinny a Maddie on a hunger strike! And Miss A: I'm not a snacky sweetie person either... but I loves me wine! Gimme da wine!

Lelio said...

How about "The Dust Bunny Good Day Initiative" as a name for this project? If nothing else, it's a little shorter than "Good Days Not-So-Fluffy Bunny Healthy Living Project." xD

Anonymous said...

We all have that damn "fuckit" switch, even the people who appear to be winning the battle of the bulge. You can control it like you control any other urge - it is hard, but with practice it does get a bit easier. Try to avoid throwing that switch while you are trying to lose the weight. As several folks said, avoid the temptation by staying out of the Fatty Palaces in the first place - as you said it's much easier than ordering the good stuff once you're inside.

When you reach your goal weight you will be able to occasionally say "fuck-it, I'm having the Fried thing or dessert!! That's OK! The trick is to keep the number of time you say F-it to a minimum and when you do, realize that it's OK, just try and make up for it later, not beat yourself up for it.

As someone else said, portion control is also a big help. I know that my stomach grows and shrinks in direct proportion to the size of my morning cereal bowl (I enjoy cereal and eat it most days, unless, I need to drop a few pounds, then it's back to egg white omelets for a while - which I also like). Plan your meals for the day. Take your lunch and snacks, go for walk at lunch, take the stairs (we should all take the stairs!). If you have to go up lot's of flights, start out by taking the elevator to one floor beneath your floor and walking up the last flight. It's odd at first, but then it becomes routine.

Baby steps and practicing good habits. You can do it. Set yourself up for success and do NOT beat yourself up over occasional mistakes. The whole day is not blown just because you ate one bad thing. Learn, correct, change and move on toward your goal! Position and psyche yourself up to win this battle! You can and will win!

Hugs and sending you positive thoughts of great success!!!

Uncy Carl said...

Testing is my big hang up (hugs to Froggy). I always think about it too late to do any good. Yesterday, I put a reminder on my phone for meals and testing (just until I get back into the swing of things). I thought finding time to get the exercise in would be hard but my modest goal isn't so hard.

Avoiding bad food, for the most part, isn't hard. Except for French Fries. Damn those salty, fried slivers of potato evilness!

Benj said...

last week, I had 5/7 good days exercise wise (30+ minutes) and 4 good days foodwise. Ironically, weekends, when I don't have work, tend to be worse for me for exercising.. I'm just plain lazy. (and I don't care what weight watchers says, cleaning the house just doesn't feel like exercise to me!)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Finish strong Bunny:)

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