Saturday, June 25, 2011

Road To Marriage Equality Paved By Gov. Cuomo

There is a fascinating story in the New York Times about all the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that had to happen in order to make Marriage Equality a reality in New York. And, the article says, it was Gov. Andrew Cuomo who did the heavy lifting. There are also some other interesting tidbits:

  • Cuomo's girlfriend, TV Food Network chef  star  personality Sandra Lee has a gay brother - and she frequently reminded her man how much she wanted to see the law change.
  • Democratic Senator Carl Kruger - one of the four Dems who voted "No" back in 2009 - desperately wanted to change his vote. The Times says it was because the woman he lives with has a gay nephew who cut off all contact with them after Kruger voted "No". [Note from DD: Others would say Kruger got tired of all the "closet case" talk].
  • The Catholic Church - the only institution in NY which could have derailed this thing - got outmaneuvered by Gov. Cuomo.
  • Senate Majority Leader Skelos, who opposed the bill, didn't oppose it enough to prevent a vote on it. New York politics are controlled by "Three Men in a Room" - the Governor, the Assembly Speaker, and the Senate Majority Leader - any of whom can kill a bill. Republican Majority Leader Skelos is described by the Times as being "weak" - so Cuomo swooped in an filled in the leadership void.
The article is a really great read - check it out.


froggy said...

We feel left behind here in WA now! We need to turn 'everything but marriage' into plain, old marriage and catch up.

Mechadude2001 said...

are u telling me we have Sandra Lee of Semi Home Made to thank for this. Well, i'll be damned.

Beth said...

I think this might be termed a "sea change." I give Cuomo lots of credit for getting this through; I also think that maybe, just maybe, enough Repubs are starting to see that the tide is changing in America. Gay marriage is no longer the hot button issue it once was (well, it still is, but not to the extent it has been in the past).

This sounds kind of terrible, but I think it's part of the equation. As older, more conservative people are shuffling off this mortal coil, younger ideas are taking hold.

At any rate, whatever the analysis or politics behind the success of the bill...I couldn't be more pleased. As I comment elsewhere, this really is a big fucking deal. New York is a biggie. Let's keep it going!

Love and Hugs!

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