Friday, October 7, 2011

No Project Runway Recap This Week

In a few hours I'll be headed to Pennsyltucky to visit with my grandparents (who are travelling up from Texas) and the rest of my family over the weekend. Therefore I won't have time to whip up a Project Runway recap - but feel free to share your thoughts on last night's episode in the comments section. Did the right person go home? Did the right person win? Does anyone else think Anya's "I can't sew" storyline is about as genuine as William Shatner's hairline??

Also, what was up with that after-show thingy? Was it any good??

Talk to me...



1 comment:

froggy said...

You have a gooood time!
The after show wasn't any good until LauraB showed up and slapped JoshM around. :-)) The win was par for the course - they loves that designer. The auf'ed one should have stayed and the other one up for auf-ing should have gone.
Thought the piling on Bert with that little after show was just plain mean by the producers. REALLY would like to hear interesting stuff - how the challenges work, etc instead of more manufactured drama - boring, boring, boring.

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