Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Possible Maybe RuPaul's Drag Race Spoiler Alert?!?

Don't read any further if you don't want to know who maybe possibly could be the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4.



Queerty has the T (emphasis mine):

According to the RuPaul Drag Race Season 4 Wikipedia page, Phi Phi O’Hara is going to snatch the crown from Sharon Needles and Chad Michaels. The information has since been removed from the page and, though it confirms rumors we’ve been hearing since before the season debuted, we really hope its not true.

Let me tell ya - I will be SALTY if that beeyotch wins the $100,000!



froggy said...

omg!!! noooooooooo!

Bob said...


Kailyn said...

Maddie and I were discussing this very thing last night. I told Maddie if this happens, I will watch the all-stars but I may have to scratch Drag Race from my viewing schedule. Also I am still mourning Latrice's departure.

Sean said...

If she wins I'll never watch again and have no reason to ever watch Logo again - unless they start airing Buffy again.

Has anyone started a FB page yet?

behrmark said...

As much as I would hate to see PhiPhi actually makes sense...Chad is too mature...Sharon too offbeat...PhiPhi is young and could definitely benefit from Ru's guiding hand...if she keeps her mouth shut and checks her 'tude at the door.
I want Sharon to win...LOVE her. said...

I think Phi Phi is the cutest BOY but certainly not the best contestant. I've been cheering for Sharon Needles all along!

Unknown said...

If RuPaul is looking for people to "replace" her in the future, then she needs someone that people find entertaining and WANT to see. I like Latrice - funny and great. I like Chad - that's the way a drag queen SHOULD look (as refined as RuPaul). I love Sharon - very funny, very different and very fresh. I would easily see a show with her. Phi Phi may actually be great in person - I accept that the editing may portray her more poorly than in reality - but the fact is, the show is all I know about Phi Phi. And based on that, I really do see a "tired ass showgirl" (to borrow a quote). I see nothing original, I see nothing great, and she is NOT funny at all. Her jokes fall very flat. Sure, she has her moments - all of them do. But enough to win? Never. I will never see Phi Phi in a show. So if RuPaul picks her as the winner, she chose poorly (AGAIN!).

Unknown said...

If RuPaul is trying to find people to "replace" her, then she needs to find someone who's not only a great, refined queen, but one who is talented, funny, inventive and enjoyable to watch. Latrice is funny and great to watch. Chad is ultra-refined. Sharon is fresh, incredibly funny and always entertaining. Phi Phi, while having her moments, is not funny, is not very refined and - I hate to say it - but really does appear to be a "tired ass show girl". So if Ru picks Phi Phi, then that's sad, because I know I won't see any shows with her in it.

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