Monday, February 13, 2012

The Kids Are NOT Alright

A few years ago I witnessed this phenomenon firsthand. Paul McCartney (and Heather Mills - his wife at the time) were walking down 57th Street and passed me. The excited couple in front of me then tried to explain to their kids who Paul McCartney was. "He was a Beatle!", they kept saying - which obviously meant nothing to the unimpressed children.

For my part, it WAS pretty cool to see a living legend walking around the streets of NYC.


Beth said...

Pretty sad, isn't it? If I had kids, I'd homeschool them in music appreciation. "Listen to this or you won't get any supper!" hahaha

Joy said...

I'd have been starstruck if I'd seen him! I went through that so often teaching school with all kinds of performers, movies, and shows they'd never heard of. My first year of teaching, they asked me what we listened to back when I was in high school. I said, "Oh, 4 years ago?" Later on, they got upset when I did or didn't know groups and music depending on the students. Can't win with them.

My son grew up on all kinds of music I had around as well as newer ones.

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