Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sheriff Babeu Used A McCain Pic To Hook Up

By now many of you have read about the conservative, anti-immigrant, gay Arizona sheriff (and congressional candidate) - Paul Babeu. The story came out over the weekend that the formerly closeted Mr. Babeu had a boyfriend (named "Jose") who just so happens to be one of them there non-Amurkans (he's a Mexican cititzen). And when Paul and Jose broke up, Gaysemite Sam threatened to use his sheriff powers to deport the poor boyfriend back to Mexico.

Yes, that's a horrible story - but to me, the most horrific part is how they met. From Politico ...
They met in 2006 on a gay dating website called gay.com, and Jose said the first picture Babeu sent was a photo of him with Sen. John McCain.
Um, Jose ... we need to talk. If a dude on a hookup site sends you a picture of himself WITH JOHN MCCAIN, you might want to avoid the guy. Avoid him like a chatty Jehovah's Witness with a virulent strain of the plague. This is what's known as a 'red flag'. A bright red flag which has been thrown in the fire in order to make it brighter and redder.

Also ... WHO DOES THAT??? Whatever happened to sending out pictures of models that you found on the internet and claiming those 8 pack abs are your own?? THAT I've done I can understand ... but a picture of you standing beside John McCain?!? That's just ... ewwwwwwwwww.



Sam said...

finally a post with words, your site had turned in to a tumblr lite page for a second. So happy to see you posting witty funny stuff. you always make my day.
I love you sis!!!!

Amber LeMay said...

"Gaysimite Sam" - is that yours? TOO funny. xxoo Amber

Peter Maria said...

A bright red flag which has been thrown in the fire in order to make it brighter and redder.

SCREAMING with laughter!

David Dust said...

Amber - yep, all mine.


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