Tuesday, April 3, 2012

About Last Night's RuPaul's Drag Race...

Random thoughts:
  • I thought the premise behind last night's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race was hysterical - turn a group of straight dads into pregnant drag queens. Who thinks of these things?
  • What was the purpose of bringing back Kenya Michaels? It was just so random and unnecessary.
  • Sharon's dad was a bit strange - but of all people, you would think that Sharon would be able to handle a weirdo.
  • Kenya's guy was HOT, but he was obviously not into it. Phi Phi's guy, on the other hand, was also hot - but REALLY into it.
  • I thought all the straight guys - in general - were such good sports and they came across as really great, open-minded men. We need more guys like them in today's world.
  • Chad's dad ended up being really pretty.
  • Why didn't they let the straight dad's hang out with Jennifer Love Hewitt back in the Interior Illusions Lounge? It's the least they could have done.
  • Why does Michelle Visage always have something negative to say about Chad?
  • And, finally, we get to the lip sync for your life. Latrice might just be the best lip sync-er in the history of the show. Furthermore, it was an ARETHA song, so you just knew Latrice would hit it out of the park. Kenya, on the other hand, flailed around like an extremely fishy fish out of water.
What did YOU think about last night's show??



froggy said...

Really, agreed with you! We also wondered where they got their Dads. A friend of a production member? Grabbed them off the street? Casting call? We want to know!
Kenya's sync was painful to watch - not a clue.

Bob said...

I didn't get the return of Kneya, but as soon as i saw her, i knew she wouldn't stay.
Those straight guys were really great. Nice to see such open straight men.
I get pissy when Michelle dogs Chad.
As for the lip sync: Latrice as fabulous! And not only because I hate when drag queens lose their heels to sync, and toss off their wigs, but just because she bur-rought it.

Still, all that said, I am soooooo Team Needles!

Doug said...

I loved Latrice's lip synch too. She created a real performance, unlike Kenya who was simply trying her mightiest to get attention; but when a queen is bringing her performance skills like Latrice did, you just don't stand a chance with only cartwheels and teeth. I'm on team Needles Chad Latrice----I'd be happy if any of those three win. The other queen needs to go.

Kailyn said...

Loved the dads. And the lip sync? Don't know why Kenya even tried when it was so the Latrice show. Really knew Kenya was going home again the minute she ripped off her wig. When will they ever learn?

mistress maddie said...

wELL let me get my gin and tonic.....ok back! Well I thought kenya's and Phi-Phi's mens were hot too! I want to do bad things with them!!!! As I told Kailyne after last weeks show, I'd put money Kenya was to come back. But I don't know why they always do this. I adore Lattrice. She has had proper raising as I queen. Have you ever noticed when she is gone with her lip sych, she always does a slight bow to the judges? That is a old school sign she was brought up right in drag society! The only other queen who has had a perfect lip sych like her was Morgan McMichaels. I think Michelle loves Chad, but she is looking for her to do something way out there, and I don't think it will happen. She's good, but I have a feeling she isn't taking this. I am posting a video soon of lattrice performing. I have never seen a drag queen collect so much money!

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