Saturday, June 18, 2011

David McIntosh - Live In London

A while back I got this email from loyal London DustBunny Nick (AKA "Nitrox")
Hi David, 
On Sunday I took part in the annual 'Walk for Life' around central London to raise funds for the Terence Higgins Trust who provide support to those living with with HIV/Aids. 
Before we set off on the walk we clearly needed to be 'warmed up', which is where David McIntosh comes in. As soon as I saw him I thought I recognised him from gracing your pages. Naturally, in the interests of 'research' I snapped a few pix so I could check when I got home and I was right. Damn that man is hot!

Oh ... My ... Ga ... David McIntosh looks like he's carved from stone! Thanks SO MUCH to Nick for sharing these delicious pictures with the rest of the BunnyNation.

BTW - if you would like to see my David McIntosh post from 2008, simply click HERE.



Mechadude2001 said...

Thank you, Nick! Now please assist me in pulling my jaw off the floor! Bunny Nation Rocks!

nitrox11 said...

I have to report that the man has a 'way with him'. Now I'm not one for vigorous physical exercise, but with him shouting instructions at you, you just get on and do it.

Needless to say the photos my friend took of me attempting his warm-up routine are strictly censored. Well, she was laughing so much they came out a little blurred... and I needed the camera back so I could point it in David's direction!

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