Thursday, January 31, 2008

Central PA Students Petition For Protection

At least 300 students from the Susquehanna Township School District have signed a petition urging school officials to review policies regarding anti-gay bullying. See the story here. The petition drive started after an openly gay senior left in the middle of the school year due to the on-going harassment he receive from other students.

Susquehanna Township is basically made up of the "suburbs" of Harrisburg - in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. So by no means are these enlightened, progressive "city kids" doing this. These are kids from a semi-rural, semi-suburban, conservative Republican township - very close to where I grew up. Back when I was in school (cough, cough, QUITE a few years ago), you wouldn't have been able to get 30 kids to sign a petition like this, let alone 300.

Great work kids!

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Beth said...

that's fantastic that those kids stepped up like that...I remember being in school, and my best friend,cousin was gay....he was well liked but I can't see this happening for fact, he never came out until he went to college.

He died of AIDS and I miss him every. single. day.

He was the best thing to happen to my life when I was a kid...we were inseperable.

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