Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Lies New Yorkers Tell Tourists

Personally I've never knowingly lied to tourists vising my city (although I've accidentally given wrong directions) - but Gothamist has come up with a list of lies New Yorkers might tell tourists. Here are some of my favorites:

§                  "That ‘I Heart New York shirt makes you look like one of us!"
§                  "Little Italy is full of authentic Italian stuff."
§                  "Don't forget to tip your subway train conductor."
§                  "You pronounce 'Houston' Street like the city in Texas."
§                  "It's no big deal to eat on the subway."
§                  "I live in Woody Allen's old apartment."
§                  "The only available cabs are the ones WITHOUT the lights on."

And here's my addition to the list of lies:

§                  "There are MANY Arby's restaurants located throughout city"


mrs. miss alaineus said...

is it 'how-ston' street?

i wonder what the detroit version of this would say......


David Dust said...

Mrs. A -

Yep - We pronounce it "HOW-ston" Street.


Joy said...

That is a funny list. Even I knew some of them. Don't you let me embarrass us when I'm there! I think I did OK in Philly the City That Wants to be NY!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I knew it was Hows ton... but if I ever get you to NOLA, that's where Imma give you the pronunciation quiz!

Is it BURG-und-y or is it Burg-UND-y?

And what about all the buildings "that's where such and such was filmed".... I'm sure that's all lies, too!

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