Saturday, June 4, 2011

We're Looking at YOU Yankees and Mets

Here's the score: The Chicago Cubs have announced their intent to make an It Gets Better video in support of LGBT youth. The San Francisco Giants have already produced one:

So now it's time, New York, to "step up to the plate". Yankees: are you gonna wait until the friggin RED SOX make a video** before you get off your (extremely well-toned and gorgeous) butts? Mets: let's face it, ya'll don't have much else going on - might as well do your part to stop anti-gay bullying and prevent LGBT suicide.

New York's LGBT community is waiting....

** UPDATE: Dammit - that was fast! The hated Red Sox are doing it too. Thanks cariboubarbie for the heads up.

[Princess Leia hologram voice] "Help us Derek Jeter-wan Kenobi, you're our only hope..."



froggy said...

Who knows, it might even convince me there is something interesting about baseball?!?!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Houston Astros to participate in the campaign... or the Texas Rangers, for that matter! Unfortunately, there is no MLB team in Austin!

truth said...

You need to come over to the light and support the Red Sox who announced today they are going to make an It Gets Better video (after a campaign by a very cool young kid whose gay uncle died.)
As we say up here in Boston, Yankees Suck.
Yr twitpal, cariboubarbie.

BosGuy said...

Love my Sox... I just posted the story about the Sox stepping up to the plate; making them the 3rd MLB team and 1st in the A.L. to commit to this. said...

I love the Red Sox and am so excited they are doing it but in all honesty they just wanted to beat the Yankees to it lol.



P.S. Read you every day. Feel like I know you personally!

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