Saturday, March 31, 2012

Afternoon "Drama" Break - Erasure

The lyrics still resonate today:

One rule for us
for you another
do unto yourself as you see fit for your brother.

Is that not within your realm of understanding ?
A fifty second capacity of mind
too demanding ?

Well then poor unfortunate you
there are a myriad of things that you can do
like pick up a pen and paper or go talk to a friend
the history of the future
no violence or revenge.

Your shame is never ending
just one psychological drama after another.
You are guilty and how you ever entered into this life
God only knows the infinite complexities of love.

We all have the ability
our freedom is fragile.
we all laugh and we cry don't we ?
We all bleed and we smile.

1 comment:

Peter Maria said...

OK, you break me with the lyrics.

BUT, my fave is still Blue Savannah, followed by a tie btwn I Love to Hate You and Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me.

And those last two don't reflect on my boo. Just sayin'.

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