Saturday, March 3, 2012

Working On Caturday

Been feeling better so I decided to go to work today to start catching up - which should be tons of fun.

What do you have planned today? Unlike me, I'm sure most of you have fabulous places (AKA "Arby's") to go and people to see - so please share.


Beth said...

I have a baby shower to go to. Woo. Hoo. Wanna come with? ;)


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Don't overdo it!

Napping, grooming, eating.... typical Caturday!

Uncy Carl said...

Sadly, I'm working an IT project all this weekend.

I was here until 10:30 PM last night, likely that or later tonight and whatever time is needed tomorrow to ensure the job is done on Monday at 6 AM.

You take care of yourself and don't get fatigued ... you'll relapse and could end up in the hospital.

Uncy Carl

froggy said...

We have Eldest, Eldest Girlfriend AND GB home this weekend. :-)) The occasion is to visit Girlfriend's cousin's new bar opened up here in town.
Glad you feel better, don't work too hard.
(up to 4 boobie mentions in Gail's new book)

Kailyn said...

And here I was wondering what to do with myself today. Thanks for the suggestion. Now to decide what to order...

David Dust said...

Beth - I would LOVE to be anywhere with you!

Froggy - You don't know how tickled I am by your Official Gail Boobie Mention count.

Thanks to all.


Wonder Man said...

probably shop

Sam said...

Well Ho, I'm getting over my near death experience too!! HO I LIKED TO HAVE DIED>
I never told anyone either. I just kept on moving.
So I'm in one of my least favorite states O HI O, praying that they send me back west were the warm weather grows.
oh, so glad your doing better.
love sis

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