Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Would You Do ...

... if you won the $500 million Mega Millions jackpot?

Here are some of the things I would do:
  • Quit my J-O-B
  • Hook up my parents and my brother for life
  • Donate to GMHC and other HIV/AIDS/LGBT charities
  • Buy a Manhattan loft apartment and a country house in Central PA
  • Get myself a gorgeous trophy boyfriend
  • Spend as much time as possible in Brazil - "auditioning" gorgeous trophy boyfriends
What would YOU do??


Bob said...

I'd buy some island homes, you know, Key West, Maui, Manhattan.
I have the trophy husband, so I'm good there.
Help out family and give a ton to charities: the Trevor Project, GMHC, and, well, really almost any LGBT charity.

froggy said...

Besides family - we'd retire and I'd fund my own SuperPac - bwa-ha-ha!

Uncy Carl said...

1. Quit my job (duh).
2. Take care of my family, even the ones who are dicks to me. Especially them.
3. Fund education for anyone in my family that wanted to pursue any kind of schooling (yes, that includes bartender school and exotic dancing school).
4. Donate, donate, donate.
5. Become a full-time professional student - I want to know it all!
6. Travel, travel, travel.
7. Go to my next High School Reunion. In style, Bitches!
8. Keep it real. (HAH)

thegayte-keeper said...

I wouldn't know where to begin, can I hire you to take care of that for me?

Sam said...

You didn't say one fucking thing about us poor ass dustbunnies that have been here for years!!! Ho, You better have something in that bag for me or I'm coming to URGES and haunt yo ass.

The first thing I would do is park this fucking truck and walk the fuck away.
Try to leave Bill and Max somewhere safe, like a fire station.
Come pick you up and drive you over to URGES and buy the damn place and every piece of latin cock in the Northern Hemisphere.
Hide out at an undisclosed location and call my family and talk about how much money I had, you know just fuck with them for a few days.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, I would break off a little something to every ho that has brought me any happiness and shown they are my friend. With a half a billion it shouldn't be no problem.
Buy the company that manufactures the MCRIB, and move it next to my new home in Hawaii.
Hire the ROCK to wrestle in my living room with John Cena. A private viewing.
Then with the rest I would try to spend as fast I can.
Probably hire a film crew to follow me around and film me passing out ungodly amounts of cash to unsuspecting folks.
Buy a huge high rise in NY and give all my followers their very own coop.
That's about it.

theminx said...

Definitely quit my job, but not right away so nobody would suspect anything and start being nice to me. Then I'd buy a ranch in Santa Fe and populate it with rescue dogs and cats. I'd also buy a townhouse in Manhattan and maybe a place in Seattle. My dad, bro, MIL and BIL would be set for life. And I'd sleep a lot, because I wouldn't have to get up to go to work anymore.


LittleKarnak said...

Amazingly enough, being a straight woman, my list is almost EXACTLY the same as David's!!!!!

Tivo Mom said...

I love love love the what if game. Take care of the family...given, houses in great places...given, buy hubby a boat...and give a ton of money for scholarships for urban youth to go to boarding schools so that they can get into good colleges etc etc...other charitable giving...cancer research, the Trevor Project etc...oh and travel a lot..

Kailyn said...

This is so cute that y'all came up with lists since I know that I am holding the winning ticket. Here's what's really going to happen.

1. Don't need to quit my job since I was laid off in January so one less thing to worry about.
2. Pay off my debt.
3. Take care of family members. I'm not as generous as Carl though. Screw those who have been dicks.
4. Buy a new place here in CA and one in NYC. Might need a couple more houses but I'll figure that out later.
5. Turn "Gals" into a full-time business. That's right. Contributors will receive a salary with benefits. All they have to do is go out and do stuff and then post it on the blog.
6. Set up an after school tutoring program in my old school district. (Sorry Tivo Mom but I still believe that public education can work with the right support.)
7. Set up a college scholarship fund for students in my old school district.
8. See the world.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

What would I do if you won the Mega Millions?

Hang out with you 24/7!!

PS- Bob had to rub in the trophy husband thing- that bitch!

Oh, and if I won the millions?

I'd buy the Urges and the building next to it, tear down the building next to it, and build a BunnyHutch for the Bunny Nation and the GingerSnaps to live together forever in peace and harmony!

Sam said...

hate a bitch always trying to one up a ho.
O.k. I would buy the whole fucking block put a fence around it then fill it with nothing buy naked brazilian mens and give it to you honey.
Someone really must check on Kailyn she is showing sign of dementia or dileriam. did I spell those wrong??
I love everybody everywhere and I promote world peace.

mistress maddie said...

Well Mame, my list sounds pretty damn close to yours! Plus maybe some in gowns to wear! A bunch of us are playing at work, so if we win I'm giving you a nice nest egg, and will buy you the urges to do what you want with it!!!

Joy said...

This is my favorite fantasy! I've been planning what I'd do with lottery winnings for so long, and it changes over the years. I hope one of us wins this!!

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