Sunday, November 25, 2007

Central Pennsylvania Chronicles - Snack Foods

Since I am still with the family in PA, I thought I'd give you a little tidbit about Central Pennsylvania - where I was born and raised. It is the "snack food capital of the world" - Pennsylvania leads all other states in the manufacture of chips and pretzels. No wonder we're all a bunch of fat asses!

Some of the chips/pretzel brands from my youth, and the towns where they are made:
  • Gibble's - Chambersburg

  • Martin's - Thomasville

  • Middleswarth - Middleburg

  • Utz - Hanover

  • Herr's - Nottingham

  • Snyder's - Hanover

As you can see, a trip to the local supermarket allows you a LARGE selection to choose from:

But my all-time favorite is Kay & Rays Potato Chips, originally made right down the road from us in Newville, but now manufactured in Chambersburg by the Gibble's people. Yummy!

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