Thursday, November 8, 2007

Daddy Of The Day - Shalim Ortiz

Shalim Ortiz (born February 26, 1982 in San Juan, Puerto Rico), is a singer/actor. He is the eldest son of famous Puerto Rican entertainer Elin Ortiz and his wife, the legendary Dominican singer Charytin Goyco.

Ortiz is currently playing the role of Alejandro, one of the mysterious twins on Heroes (below).

Alejandro’s twin sister is named Maya, and I always want to call them “Maya & Miguel”, but that’s a different show (below).

Shalim makes Heroes even hotter.


Ferran said...

Oh, well, I might have found an excellent reason to see Heroes ;-)
Greetings from Berlin!
(ps: just happened to see your blog while surfing on the net).

David Dust said...

Wow - Berlin?! Thanks for the comment.

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