Saturday, November 24, 2007

Project Runway - Episode 2 - "I Started Crying"

Hello Dust Bunnies! I'm posting this from lovely Central Pennsylvania. I thought I was going to wait until I get back on Tuesday to resume posting, but I've been chomping at the bit to get back in the thick of things. So here I am, plugging away on Dad's computer.

First of all, they called Project Runway Episode 2 "I Started Crying" for a reason. It seemed like EVERYBODY cried at least once - and Ricky cried TWICE! It was DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA...

Some high and low points:
  • The "surprise" celebrity "fashion icon" judge was none other than Sarah Jessica Parker! Unfortunately I was NOT surprised, since I happened upon the information on the internet a few hours before the show. Damn spoilers! The challenge was to create an outfit for Sarah Jessica's "Bitten" fashion line, sold at Steve & Barry stores. BTW - I LOVE Steve & Barry - shit is cheap and cute!

  • SJP was ADORABLE! She seemed almost as impressed by the designers as they were in awe of her. And lets face it, you put Carrie Bradshaw in a room full of fashionistas, and bitches WILL go nuts...and trust me, they did. Even the "straight" guy was impressed.

  • Ricky looks hot in a wife-beater (cute tattoo!), but the bitch MUST STOP CRYING! He picked Jack as his partner, and the 2 of them became the hottest partners in the history of Project Runway. "Hey boys, need a third?!?"...

  • Mango (Christian) and Men All Pause (Carmen) teamed up to create a look that was so 80's, Sarah Jessica could have worn that shit on Square Pegs!

  • There were SO many mentions of Elisa being from "another planet", that even SHE started saying it. Bitch is KRAZY - with a capital "K".

  • I think I'm in love with that big old lezzie Sweet P. Anyone who can clean up Elisa's mess (they were partners), not kill her, AND come in 2nd place (behind Victorya), is amazing in my book. And she say's "make it work" about 100 times each episode...which somehow comes off as adorable. And TRUST ME - a bitch does have to "make it work" when your partner is from another planet.

  • Speaking of another planet - I'm going to remain calm regarding Elisa's marking of fabric with spit. SPIT MARKS ARE GROSS - but apparently not on Elisa's planet.

  • Famous last words: Mango dreamily says of his and Men All Pause's creation - "I think it's perfect". Bitch ALMOST lost and went home. And Michael Kors said all the outfit needed was button earrings and it could have been on The Facts of Life. Ouch!

  • Marion, the eventual loser with a Pocahontas-like outfit, looks like he grapples with depression issues. I'm sure he promptly jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge after he cleaned up his space in the work room. Also, he looks like he could be David Guest and Liza's love child. Not cute!

  • Heidi was HATING on Marion's outfit. Bitch called it "dirty" - twice! She also described it as "from the basement", and made a reference to a dog blanket. BITCH.WASN'T.HAVING.IT!

In the middle of watching this episode, I wrote "I LOVE THIS SHOW" in my notes. And I totally do - it is pretty much perfect television. Can't wait till Wednesday...


Anonymous said...

Hysterical recap!

David Dust said...

Thank you! I'll try to do it again next week.

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