Monday, October 19, 2009


I went to fill my anti-depressant prescription today (I ran out of free samples), and a month's supply of Pristiq costs almost $140.00 !!! That's over $4.50 per PILL!! It's a brand new drug, so there is no generic version yet - and unfortunately my health insurance doesn't cover prescriptions at all.

I'm going to see my doctor next week about a couple of issues (apparently I am diabetic - FUN!), and we're definitely going to talk about an alternative to Pristiq - $140/month is unsustainable within my current budget.


Cogito said...

Have you considered getting your prescription filled in Canada?

Kailyn said...

My dad is diabetic. When he started taking the pills -- yes, more pills -- and eating correctly (carbs can be the enemy), the pounds started melting away.

miss alaineus said...

and this is exactly why something in the insurance business needs to change and change soon. the uninsured can always get what they need. it's the under-insured, like you and me, that end up not getting the same treatment because our insurance we have LIMITS the type and amount of coverage we receive. it doesnt seem right that the working class poor like us get less, does it?

rant off.

call the manufacturer and see if they offer any prescription assistance for people like us. tell them your plan DOES NOT COVER RX DRUGS. also, call rite aid and target- and god help me for saying this- walmart- they might be able to get you a lower price too.

good luck and keep us posted. we need our head dust bunny healthy for many more DBW's to come!


Pedders said...

My doc had me doing some blood tests last week 'cause he thought I could be diabetic. Long story short - I ain't (thankfully). Good luck with it mate!
Well, $140 a month is a lot! Try to get an equivalent one!

frogponder said...

Type 2? Welcome to the club. Get your bunny on and get aggressive with it. I've cut down on meds and my goal is to cut down all together. We can do this!!! Lost 25 lbs so far.
Hoping there is an alternative med available.


Beth said...

Good grief, that is outrageous! And hear, hear, Miss A--great points. She also has some great suggestions, worth a try. XOXO Beth

Mr.Mischief said...

I feel your pain-the Nexium I'm supposed to be on was 180 bucks for 30 pills and insurance wouldn't cover it for some reason, yet for the next 5 weeks anyways i have pretty good coverage-luckily Prilosec is pretty much the same thing but a lower amount of the medicine I need in each pill..I don;t have much choice, stop taking them and I get bleeding ulcers.

Maria said...

David - almost all drug companies have a frebie program. All you have to do is talk to your doc and fill out a form that basically says you need the drug but can't afford it. Most of these programs will ship a monthly supply to your docs office, and can last for up toa year before you would have to re-apply. Plue you may be able to keep getting samples from your doc.

If you have found a med that worsk for you, do not give it up over cost. There are ways around it and you do not want to go back to feling bad.

Christine said...

Check this out, you may qualify.

Christine said...

Check this out, you may qualify.

David Dust said...

Thanks everybody. I get all choked up when ya'll show me how much you care.

Full disclosure: the appointment I made today (for next week) was the one I blew off last month. When I made the appt, the receptionist let it slip that I was "diabetic". I still haven't discussed the results of my bloodwork from my last Dr.'s visit, but apparently it showed some form of diabetes.

Can I pronounce it "dye-a-bee-tis" like Wilford Brimley?!? Pretty please?!? :)

Anywhoo - Maria & Christine: my Mother (God love her) has already called me with the heads-up about the Wyeth assistance program. I will be filling out the forms and taking them with me to the Doctors office next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again everybody. Today was kind of a sucky day - but I DID refill my Pristiq. Again, thanks to my MOM! :)


frogponder said...

>Can I pronounce it "dye-a-bee-tis" like Wilford Brimley?!? Pretty please?!? :)>

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That man gets an aggressive MUTE click every time I spot him on the tv!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you have a solution path. It is a travesty how much some meds can be.

kayce. said...

wow ~ diabetic! that's crazy, david, but i know you'll get on top of it and not have to be on medication for long, if at all. and as far as the pristiq: don't worry. if it's a popular medication, it will get generic'd pretty quickly, but until then, i'm sure your doctor can work w/ you to find something that will work just as well for you.

be well ~ we need you on teh interwebz!

kayce. said...

oh yeah, i almost forgot... frongponder will HATE me for this, but please, please, PLEASE pronounce it like wilford brimley. if she can't compromise, i will allow you to call it "sugar" like old southerners do. i.e. "the doctor says i have sugar, so i'm going to start walking in the mornings." so hilarious.

David Dust said...

Kayce -

I forgot about "The Sugar"!!! Now I have a choice!!!!!


Joy said...

I also have type 2 diabetes. I feel like a science fair experiment making sure I eat enough protein and not many carbs often enough and in the optimum amounts. My doctor told me to read and follow the book Protein Power. When I did, I lost weight and felt better physically and emotionally. When my blood sugar is too high, I feel like crap. I thought it was depression.

I've been off the right path for way too long, so now I'm getting back. Being on vacation helps because I'm more active and eat regularly and enough. (yes, not eating enough is as bad as eating too much) Now that I'm back home, I have to keep the momentum going.

I didn't know about that plan and am glad you can get help with your meds. Thank goodness for mothers! Mine used to help me out, and now I help Brian.

PFM7 said...

Wow, now take a deep breath, when I was going through chemo and radiation therapies for my colo-rectal cancer, I was taking one prescription, 8 pills per day, 5days a week, for 10 weeks,at $500 per pill. I got lucky, my hematology oncologist had one full time employee who did nothing but find programs that would cover medication costs for chemo patients. And as I told my mother, I am not sure whether to be disgusted or proud that I have an ass hole worth just under $1.5 million; but being a cancer survivor does give one a lot more credence when it comes to calling elected public officals to account on the unacceptable state of health care in America, some thing about lemons and lemonade.

David Dust said...

PFM7 -

I shouldn't be whining... :)


Benj said...

Like Maria said, pharmaceutical companies in the US are required by law to have what is called a "Patient Assistance Program". Some (like Forest, the makers of Lexapro) pretty much hide the information on their website; others are much more open about it.

From what my brother experienced, do your research first, and go to the docs with the paperwork in hand -- they need to fill something out, and his doc let it sit for 2 months while my bro was shelling out for lexapro with 0 insurance and a part-time job (in addition to the 3 months before my bro got off his ass and did the legwork like I suggested... sigh, stupid boys).

I hope that this helps. Also, as far as the diabetes, see if you can work with a nutritionist (a registered dietician -- ask(demand) to see certification because many "nutritionists" are not certified/don't know shit from shinola), and work on specific aspects of your diet, while increasing activity. You have a lot of support from your bunnies.


Sam said...

Diabetic? Depressed?
Ho Puh-leezee
what you need is a big ol' shot of er never mind.
I'll split my sandwich with you if you want?
Sis, you will be just fine.
I know it.

Wonder Man said...

you we care about you and if you need us... call

Anonymous said...

Seriously, only you could make me laugh about "dye-a-bee-tis" and anti-depressants. I adore you.

My vote is for calling it "The Sugar." In caps, please.

Brent said...

It sounds like everyone else has offered the advice that I would about Patient Assistance Programs. There are cheaper, generic antidepressants, but they're not the latest/greatest (generics for Prozac, Zoloft and Celexa, I believe).

Kailyn had a great point about weight loss once you get The Sugar under control, so maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel (unless that's just an oncoming train).

Keep in mind that most docs treat The Sugar with meds, so have a discussion with him/her about generics and cost issues for anything else s/he prescribes. Those free samples are just the bait to hook you; beware. Best of luck with your health, and have a fun DBW!

Kyle said...

David I'm glad you are getting the assistance paperwork. That will definitely help with your high med. costs. Don't worry about being a diabetic. It is a common occurrence now. You have found out early enough to do something about it and I'm pretty sure the changes you will make to help manage it, will help in lots of areas in your life. Just let us know if you need some support or a pick me up. You have all of us looking out for you, so don't let it upset you or overwhelm you.

Beth said...

I think most drug companies have prgrams for people who can't afford their medications. check into this, cuz I know this medicine has done good for you. you need to continue to take it, regardless of the cost. we will pass the hat if we have to! ;)

Love you Tranny!!!!

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