Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day At The Beach by Young One

The sun rises slowly, 
All is peaceful, almost holy.
We laugh in the blood red sunrise, 
Lying down on the beach.

The sun is right up high, 
hoverring there in the sky.
We laugh in the bright midday, 
Lying down on the beach.

The sun sets brightly, 
The moon shimmers lightly.

We laugh in the golden sunset, 
Lying down on the beach.

The sun is down, all is dark, 
All is quiet, listen, hark!

We laugh in the perfect silence, 
Lying down on the beach

Poem Source


Lee said...

The fourth one down? Loverly.

Mechadude2001 said...

The 2nd dude, and the last dude, will fit perfectly for my LOST fantasies. To be acted out in my bedroom.

Wonder Man said...

the last one

Michael Rivers said...

I'd go to the beach with numbers 2 and 6! Oh hell, they all can come!

SteveA said...

The last one and #6.

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