Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Help A Bunny Out

DustBunny Kristen from Colorado has entered the Ro*Tel Across America Recipe Contest and needs our help.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ro*Tel, they make the diced tomatoes and chilies you mix with Velveeta to make delicious Queso.  My mother, who hails from West Texas, used to make this all the time when we had "company" (guests)...

OMG - I'm so hungry right now.  Anywhore - Kristen is currently in 2nd Place, and needs a push from the BunnyNation to try and get her over the top.  Unlike many of the other contestants who did vegetarian dishes, Kristen wasn't afraid to use meat in her dish (God bless her).  Here it is, Kristen's Ro*Tel Breakfast Braid...

Doesn't that look yummy?!?  Go HERE to vote - and do it NOW, because today is the last day.  FYI, in order to vote, you'll have to log into BookFace and "like" Ro*Tel - which is no big deal so VOTE NOW!!!


Anonymous said...


Kristen said...

You rule, David! Of course you already knew that :)

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to vote, I am SO CLOSE and every vote helps!

Thanks a bunch!

Kristen said...

Thanks David! You rock...but you already know that :)

Thanks to those of you have taken the time to vote, I really appreciate it!

Dust Bunny

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