Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lost Bunny ...

I certainly hope this Bunny finds an Arby's or something - he needs some meat on his bones!!


Wonder Man said...

yes he needs some meat

Kristen said...

Hey David!
I ,too could be a lost bunny..and I HAVE the meat he needs...
OK- this is officially DESPERATE. I know I am a long time reader of your blog (found it via the Rah Cha Chow blog) and have been loving it ever since. I am usually a lurker, but have been with you through your weight watcher trials (I am also a member) and the retelling of your first writings in college in which you discovered your talent (I remember a bar being involved, but then that could be any of your blogs-lol).
I am a top 10 finalist in the Rotel Across America recipe contest and in order to win I need to get the most votes from people registered on facebook. I am the only finalist from Colorado. (you know Ro*tel- they make those yummy canned diced tomatoes you mix with velveeta for QUESO).
I am currebtly in 2nd place, and one BIG push from your readers could put me in first. The current leader has been featured in the Birmingham, AL newspaper and has her whole community supporting her. (I am desperately trying to get that support, but not having any luck). The last day to vote is Wednesday, June 30th, so I need help NOW!
I don't want to bash the leaders recipe, but I will say it is vegetarian. I'm sure it must be tasty or it would not have been selected as a finalist. BUT WHERE'S THE MEAT???? I am beeging you and your readers to help me win the Rotel Across America recipe contest in the name of meat lovers everywhere! Figured you featured beef cakes on your blog all the time, and you and I BOTH love meat, so maybe you would be willing to help the underdog.
Regardless if you help or not, I DO love your blog and I am glad you are feeling better!
Here is where to vote: rotelacrossamerica.com
My Recipe is the Ro*tel Breakfast Braid (by Kristen in CO)
If you made it all the way to here, I really appreciate it! (reading this)

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