Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SOOOO Not Fair

Just when I decide to lose weight, they go and invent a Cupcake Truck. Bastards.



froggy said...

The bastards! Come down my block and I'll launch Abby after them!!!

mrs. miss alaineus said...


i miss frosting.


Uncy Carl said...

Be strong, David, be strong!

Bunny Power!

Sean said...

Buy a few and see if they're any good. If they're good than you'll knowingly suffer if they're bad, you're suffering will be over. If you don't buy them, then you'll stay awake at night wondering what heaven tastes like.

then there's the moderation option. Buy them, take one bite and throw the rest into the garbage or give to the homeless.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

we have one of those in my hood!
It's called "Sprinkles". Isn't that cute?

I stress-ate a fried seafood platter in Louisiana today. Color me bad for today!

Joy said...

Oh no! Be strong! Just imagine that all of them are chocolate, which would be heaven to me but you oddly don't like chocolate.

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