Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Etiquette Tips For NYC Tourists

From Gothamist:

  • Never ever ever EVER refer to the city as "the Big Apple." If you say this, you are a tourist, and a clueless one at that. Using the phrases "only in New York!" and "a New York minute" falls in the same category, but they may be used, sparingly, by long-time residents, with a heavy dose of irony.
  • Don't wear "I Heart NY" t-shirts, or indeed any article of clothing that mentions New York in any capacity, with the exception of gear supporting a sports team.
  • Don't ask people where you can find good "New York Pizza." In New York, it's just called pizza... do not say you prefer Chicago, New Haven or (God help you) California pizza. This is a direct route to a heated argument.
  • This one is absolutely vital—don't interfere with others' privacy. New York is a very crowded place. The way people deal with it is to create their own space. Thus, what outsiders often see as aloofness and isolation is, in fact, a sign of community; there is a shared ethos that everyone respects others' privacy and expects others to respect his own. This is chiefly communicated through eye contact. If you stare at someone on the subway; if you linger in looking out your window into someone else's bedroom; if you react to or interrupt a celebrity; or if you seem to be intentionally listening in to another's conversation, you are violating one of New York's most sacred unwritten rules. Keep yourself to yourself, buddy, and let others do the same.

Here's one from me: If you are on a crowded sidewalk - especially if you're in a group - please...


js said...

Hi, David !
SO how are you doing in The Big Apple ?

froggy said...

Similar to San Francisco Rules - never, ever make eye contact with a man wearing an apron and nothing else.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

It's so different there, no wonder people gawk!! I mean, you have PIZZA, and MUSEUMS, and SIDEWALKS!!! I (HEART) NEW YORK!!!

PS- it's been there for over 200 years, and frankly, the sheen has worn off. Isn't it time we all just refer to it as "York"?

Bob said...

Also about San Francisco:
Never EVER call it Frisco or San Fran.
Seriously. I used to cut bitches who said that when I lived there.

Sidenote: when they opened a new freeway in Sacramento, one of the directional signs on the on-ramp, read: 'Frisco' and, in a New York Minute, it was changed.
Don't mess with The Queens.

Kailyn said...

Haha Froggy. And here I was just going to say that the keep moving thing applies to San Francisco as well. I cannot count the times I was tempted to body check a tourist who was interfering with my ability to get home from work. And apron? Do you plan to be at Folsom Steeet on Sunday?

froggy said...

I ran into pantless/apron man when I was visiting my folks. He was at the bus stop at Union Square. Parents lived a couple blocks from Coit Tower (North Beach?) for three years. Brother, SIL and nephews live by Golden Gate park. (My only way of telling neighborhoods - what landmark is nearby.)

Kailyn said...

Froggy -- Yes, Coit Tower is in North Beach. Restaurants and bars are my points of reference in San Francisco. I know. Just plain shocking.

Sam said...

Dear lord they have some rules in Frisco and NYC.
I've broken all of these rules, especially the staring on the subway thingy. Oh well
My only advice while visiting my home state of Texas.
And remember the state motto
Come on vacation, leave on probation, come back on a violation.
Oh. We have the death penalty and ain't afraid of using it. Guilty or not.

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