Friday, September 30, 2011

Project Runway 9 Ep. 10 - "That 70's Show"

This week’s episode of Project Runway is all about the 70’s! Just like last week - but with less facial hair!! Presumably!! 

There are 7 designers remaining, and Laura remarks that everyone left can construct clothing – it’s now all about “taste level” and “good Mood trips”. Duuuude, this IS a 70’s challenge… 

After seeing Heidi on the runway, the fashiontestants meet Tim and some Piperlime Lady in the workroom. This week’s challenge will be “Sophisticated 70’s” … 

…as opposed to “Unsophisticated 70’s”… 

Ms. Piperlime and Tim announce that the winning look will be produced and sold on Far out! 

The designers get to sketching, and Bert’s all like “I GOT THIS, bitches” since he personally partied his way through the groovy 70’s. 

Josh, on the other hand, is clueless about 70’s fashion. And poor Kimberly – using her mother as her muse – is thinking “sexy secretary”. Oh honey … NO. Nothing fashionable has ever come out of the words “mom”, “sexy” and “secretary” put together. Nothing. 

Everyone heads to Mood, where they have $100 to spend. Everyone except for Anya, who loses her money and then frantically tries to find it (to no avail). Anthony Ryan gives her his leftover $11.50 to purchase one piece of fabric, but otherwise Anya has just bought herself a one-way ticket to Muslin City. 

Back in the workroom, Anya has a huge case of No-Fabric-Sads due to her muslin dilemma. She mentions that muslin is bland like corn flakes, and she needs some “magic dust” so she can keep on truckin’. Anya is obviously getting into the spirit of this 70’s challenge… 

Speaking of sniffing – Josh can’t seem to figure out what he wants to do, so he goes nosing around the other designers. Specifically Viktor. But Viktor knows a jive-ass turkey when he sees one, and announces that he won’t be filming a sequel to Driving Miss Daisy anytime soon… 

Bert, on the other hand, if feeling out of sight - he must have brought the magic dust with him. Bert even jokes with Laura about earning his Halston job on the balcony at Studio 54. For those of you not familiar with the history of New York nightlife, there was no DANCING going on up in the dark Studio 54 balcony – if you smell what I’m stepping in. 

Day #1 ends and #2 begins with a Tim Gunn announcement: they will also be creating a separate, one-piece look. The designers have 15 minutes to sketch and then $50 to spend on a Good Mood Trip. 

At Mood, no one loses money this time, so the designers head back to the workroom so Tim can do his critiques. The highlight here was Tim telling Laura: “You in danger, Girl” when it comes to Nina Friggin Garcia. It seems that Nina has a bit of an issue with Laura’s ‘taste level’. Laura dismisses this – announcing that, if anything, her taste might be “too refined”. Oh honey … much like Mother Nature, you don’t wanna mess with NFG. 

Runway Day arrives and it’s all hair, makeup and last-minute sewing. In the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Salon, Joshua requests a “sun kissed face” for his model. Voila… 

Thank you ladies and gentlemen – I’ll be here all week. 

On the runway, Heidi introduces the judges – Michael Kors, NFG and someone named Olivia Palermo. The theme this season – at least when it comes to guest judges – is “obscure”. 

The models walk the runway, and Nina Friggin Garcia is all side-eye … 

…while Olivia Friggin Palermo looks like she has a sad … 

Commercial break: Christian Siriano wants you Hot Tranny Messes to know that it’s time for Payless. 

It's also time for the judging: 

Kimberly is safe. 


Viktor. Safari. 

Anya. First look cost $11.50. Second look (a jumper) really wowed the judges. 

Balcony Bert. Disco queen. 

No Likee: 

Laura. Prints don’t go together. Also, NFG hates her. Just saying. 

Joshua. NFG: Fabric was “WHORE REN DUSS” and “Tragic”. Michael Kors: pants break every law of fashion from every decade, forever. Josh responds by being Josh (AKA nasty, defensive and dickish). 

Anthony Ryan. I knew that Anthony-Ryan was doomed when he mentioned “weed smoking” as one of his 70’s references (this challenge is more about coke and ‘ludes, FYI). Nina kept saying that his models looked like cult members, and Michael called them “Hippie Sister-Wives”. 

The judges discuss and the designers head backstage so Josh can be Josh and get defensive about how clueless and tacky he is. Same as it ever was. 


Anya is the winner and will be starring in the Lifetime Original Movie “The Beauty Queen Who Lost Her Money – A Tale Of Survival”. Her jumper will be produced and sold by Piperlime...

Bert's second look will also be produced and sold, although for some reason he's not the co-winner...

Victor and Laura are in. 

This leaves Joshua and Anthony Ryan. And, as we all know, “douchenozzle” always trumps “nice guy” on Project Runway – so the nice guy is sent home. 

As they would say in the 70’s – “check you later” Anthony Ryan.



froggy said...

Two episodes of 70s!!! wth? Probably didn't expect The Sheepdogs to have gone that way but someone dropped the ball here!!
Wonderful, as always, I loves Fridays :-)

Tivo Mom said...

love the recap. sad to say goodbye to AR. loved him. did you see Tim cry? so sad. hate Josh and hope he does not make it all the way.

Joy said...

So funny about the sophisticated vs unsophisticated 70's looks! What kind of word is Piperlime? Olivia Palermo looks like a Breck girl "who has a sad" (perfect).

Anthony Ryan's models even looked ugly. How does that happen? Wish he'd done better and Josh had gone. Cannot stand him.

Anya apparently has magic fairy dust helping her talent along. And why wasn't Bert co-winner?

NFG and Frau Seal actually agreed on something!

Excellent recap!! Thanks!

Kailyn said...

Wait a minute. Beyotch implied that she her taste is more refined than NFG? You sure she's still alive? I'd start checking landfills and new construction in Jersey if I were you.

And Olivia? Y'all have got to become the reality whore that I am. Olivia works for Elle as evidenced on the show "The City." She is basically one of Joe Zee's minions. He's always going on about what fabulous taste she has. Unlike poor unfortunate Laura. If Olivia didn't have taste, NFG would have canned her years ago.

And yes, I am still not watching the show. But I might for the all stars/.

Sean said...

Sexy Secretary - Jennifer Marlowe WKRP in Cincy 1978

eric3000 said...

Anya's dramatic personal journey from money-loser to challenge winner would make such a good Lifetime Original movie! Love it!

theminx said...

I thought they introduced Olivia as a Piperlime person?

With Anya getting so much love this season, I'm fearing it's because she's a favorite of the almighty NFG. If she wins the season, it's Chloe Dao all over again.


Lougarry said...

Olivia Palermo is rent-a-reality-judge at the moment - last seen in this house on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (otherwise known as BINTmodel).

Lougarry said...

Olivia Palermo is rent-a-reality-judge at the moment, last seen in this house on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (otherwise known as BINTmodel).

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