Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top Chef 9 - Ep. 2 - "Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble"

Last week on Top Chef, 1,379 chefs competed for 16 spots on the show. The people who sucked were sent home. The people who only kinda sucked were placed “on the bubble” and sent to the Mulligatawny Stew Room. 

This week, 10 chefs remain for Round #3, and 4 chefs are on the bubble. BTW – shouldn’t it be “on the cusp” or “IN the bubble” or “I’m on the edge of glory and I’m hanging on a moment of truth”?? “On the bubble” just sounds weird. 

Anywhore, the final group - #3 – enters the Top Chef kitchen, where they are greeted by Tom, Padma, and new judge Hugh Acheson. Chef Hugh, btw, talks and acts strangely like a robot – I keep expecting him to fuss at R2D2 for disobeying Master Luke. 

The chef’s introduce themselves, and then Padma tells them the challenge: There are 10 ingredients on the table. Each chef will pick an ingredient. Each ingredient is also paired with one of those silver Room Service lid thingies, which they cannot lift up yet. 

Everyone picks and ingredients and lifts their lids to find an amount of time to cook said ingredient (either 20, 40, or 60 minutes). 

Cooking begins and Chef Tom and Chef C3PHugh lurk in the kitchen, bothering the busy cheftestants. 

Cook cook cook. Cute and likeable Chaz has selected the RISOTTO OF DEATH which can only mean one thing: he is going home. 

20 Minute Group results: 

Greasy Lamb Gal – out 
Big Burly Texas Bear – bubble 
Food Truck Dude – in 

40 Minute Group: 

Cute Chaz – It’s risotto, people! – homeslice is OUT. 
Short Rib Chick – out 
French Guy – bubble (pronounced “BOOB-el”
Private Chef Dude – out 

60 Minute Group: 

Clueless Pressure Cooker Chick – out 
Southern Gal – in 
Korean Gal – in 

The “In Crowd” goes to the Top Chef House – where Groups #1 and #2 are already getting their drink on. 

Meanwhile, back in the Mulligatawny Stew Room, Intense Korean Guy is plotting ways to kill his Bubbly competitors. Padma calls the Bubbles into the kitchen before he can act on his plan. 

There are 6 Bubblers and only 2 remaining spots left. Each will have 45 minutes to prepare any dish they’d like, using any ingredients in the kitchen. 

During the cooking, we find out a little bit more about some of the Bubbly Ones. Lesbian Gal was broken up with OVER THE PHONE after NINE YEARS with her partner. Ouch. All Grayson wanted to do was drink when she was 15 years-old (whatever happened to going to the mall???). And Intense Korean Guy cuts himself and pretty much reacts like THIS (go to 1:25): 

After the cooking is done – the chefs talk to the judges and then head back to the Dinty Moore Beef Stew Room. Eventually they are called back to stand in front of the judges. 


Cruise Ship Soup Nazi – out 
French Dude – out 
Bloody Intense Korean Dude – in 
Big Burly Texas Bear – out 

In the end, it’s down to ‘Drunk-At-15 Grayson’, and ‘Single and Ready to Mingle Lesbian’. I though, for sure, that the Lesbian would get the final spot – as the Sisters of Sappho have a long and storied history on Top Chef… 

But they give the final chef coat to Grayson – who immediately runs to the Top Chef House to get her drink on with the rest of them. 


froggy said...

lolololol - loves the comparison to The Black Knight!
Did you catch Tom coming in to talk to two of the aufees and telling them they can cook-off for yet another final spot? To watch online and rack up more advertiser clicketies. Expect they'll mention something next week when one of them shows up, probably dragging in at 3 in the morning, in the dark, collapsing on a handy sofa.

Bob said...

I thought Broken-Hearted Lesbian would get in, too. First shock of the season.
Second shock: Emeril's face scarcely moves. How does he say Bam if he';s jammed full of The Tox??
And Hugh needs Eyebrow Tweezers STAT!!!

froggy said...

Broke down and looked at it online. It is like a sweatshop behind the scenes. The winner does not join the rest of them. Instead the winner lays in wait for the next eliminated chef. They do this every week until the end. At the end the last one joins the regular chefs. I wonder if the regular chefs know this. Probably not as they like to mess with people's minds. Since nobody actually takes their knives and actually goes home...
I did not watch thru past the first minute or two. I guess it depends if I find myself bored on a Thursday.

David Dust said...

Froggy -

Thank you for doing that so I didn't have to.


froggy said...

Somebody needed to bite the bullet. It was The Minx who posted the link at All Top Chef.

Kailyn said...

I too was saddened to see Chaz leave since he was easy on the eyes. But really? Risotto? Guess he's all looks and no brains because even I would know to avoid the risotto at all costs. It is the Achilles heel on all the cooking competition shows. Hmmm. On further thought I do like my men to be good looking and dumb. Wonder if his Italian wife will be dumping him now.

theminx said...

You're a better woman than I am, Froggy...I immediately skipped to the end of the video to see who moved on. :)

Your "Drunk-at-15 Grayson" made me think of "James at 15." Remember that show??


Joy said...

I agree. "On the bubble" just sounds so wrong. Oh, I wish Chaz had chosen Brussels sprouts! I like him. Wish he'd at least put what he had on the plate. This upsets me. Really.

I thought a cloche was some kind of hat. Room service lid thingy, who knew?

Korean guy's sneering laugh at Cruise Ship girl was designed to unnerve her, but she probably overcooked the shrimp on her own.

I like it better when they don't have so many to eliminate like this. Some good ones probably didn't get in. Did I mention Cute Chaz?

Tivo Mom said...

Agree with Bob on the unibrow situation. Frogs could not even watch on the computer for more than 2 minutes so kudos to you. I felt kind of bad for the lesbian chic. Phone diss than double diss on top chef. Its hard to be her right now. love your nicknames and am ready for the real competition...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Holy Grail video.

Minx: James at 15?! OMG I thought that had been permanently wiped from my memory.

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