Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simply Stunning: Eduardo Ruiz by Lee Vandergrift

Happy Hump Day!!

From photographer Lee Vandergrift's blog:
"Eduardo Ruiz is a talented, handsome and funny Latin singer who walked in front of my camera and the results are in his very own photo gallery. Eduardo is young and looking for his dreams to come true in the music biz. He’d never done a professional shoot before and was a natural in front of the lens! I look forward to our future collaborations."



Mechadude2001 said...

They need to cast him on True Blood. I look at this eyes, and I swear he's glamouring me!

P. M. Kloepfer said...


Especially for his ethnic background he is undoubtedly AWESOME.
Hopefully he lives on the West Coast of North America.
It would be the best place for him to show his PHOTOGENIC Ability for sure.

With my admiration and being A Faithful Fan,

Dr. P. M. Kloepfer

P. M. Kloepfer said...


Second time.
The first for some strange wasn't accepted.

I had complemented your AWESOME BOD.
How it can only be fully appreciated by living on the West Coast of North America.

I am a Faithful Fan and wish I could see you on Linkedin and

Yours Gratefully,
Dr. P. M. Kloepfer

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