Wednesday, August 31, 2011

International DustBunny Relations

Tonight I have the pleasure of meeting another DustBunny blogger - the fabulous JS from Etalons et Citations. JS is from France - so this will be my first International Dust Bunny meeting! (Unless you count Canada, which is about as international as Montana).

Anywhore, our meeting will take place tonight at the General Assembly of the BunnyNation - "The Urges" at 10 pm. Feel free to join us if you're in the neighborhood!



JiEL said...

I was very surprised when you mentioned Canada as less international than France...

After Irene, YOUR USA spoke people did not mention that the tempest was heading for Canada or even eluded the news that 54 Hydro-Québec teams where going to help YOUR hydro men to fix the damaged electricity lines..

SO, Canada is for the ENGLISH provinces, maybe, drowned in American culture and seems to be «non international» for you.
BUT, here in FRENCH Province de Québec, WE feel mainly like a VERY INTERNATIONAL as France could be.

Lot of American tourists come here because they feel like being in France without having to pay alot more.....

International friendly salutes from,
JiEL, Montréal, CANADA...the other country north of yours..

David Dust said...

JiEL -

My apologies. I only meant that Canada seems very close to Americans/The United Stated - and we sometimes don't even consider it a separate country. Which, of course, is a mistake.

FYI: All Americans love Canada/Canadians - and some day I hope to partake of all the naked go-go boy bars in Montreal.

Now, about those Milk Bags ...



designing wally said...

I'm ironing my crinolines now...

JiEL said...

Well dear DavidDust,

As many Americans, you're welcome in Montréal to visit our nice «gay open minded» city.
Our gay destination is very popular and, as you noticed, our «nude dancers bars» are quite tentalizing.
Being myself, in the past, a REAL fan of these bars, I can tell you that the CAMPUS is the most interesting one.

That is where I've encounter Tristan Bull and Dominic Valentine (Colt Studios now). As a matter of fact, Dominic is one of my friend too.
So, take care and hope to see you here sometime.

Your friendly «ami français» de Montréal.

JiEL said...


Forgot to ask you....

What's about the «Milk Bags» ???


mistress maddie said...

Bitches! I wanna see a full g-string too!

Sam said...

Damn near turned into international kerfluffle.

Anyho, bitch have a great time.
Damn Sis. You bout a famous Ho too. One of these days I'm coming to see you, we can sit on the couch and talk fast food products that failed. Like when Mcdonalds tried to sell fried chicken, or Arby's failed attempt at a blizzard "polar breeze" and last let's not forget Wendy's Super bar.

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